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MOXY London Stratford (Hotel)

Recently, I planned to visit London for the night for food and bowling with work friends. As our plans were in the evening, travelling back to Birmingham at such a time seemed like too much. I was coming down with the flu and knew that I just wouldn’t manage the journey without crumbling so I […]

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A Letter From Me To My New Love, 2018.

I would like for you all to write a letter to 2018. I would like you all to refrain from putting anything negative into your letter to 2018. If there is something that you feel could be a downfall, find the positive in it and express that. I want you to believe in yourself and […]

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I’m Coming Back… Liss 2.0.

I had a conversation last night that really opened my eyes. MySpace Liss is coming back (those of you who knew me way back may understand). I used to be a bossy little superstar as a child, then as a teenager I was totally ready to takeover the burlesque world in my pink heels and […]

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