Mysterious Murder Of Detective Sean Suiter Is The Talk Of Baltimore

Baltimore City PD Detective Sean Suiter was murdered two weeks ago and there are still no suspects for the homicide. As those who have heard the story flood social media with questions, a prominent one is whether another agency should investigate the case. The case remains wide open and the Baltimore City PD have promised […]

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Stay true to yourself.

Here is some Monday motivation in the form of a little reminder from me to you. Picture below. My aim is to remind you that you are enough just as you are; without having to try and be like anyone else. Please don’t gain the world and lose your soul. For more daily motivational quotes and […]

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Social Media Relationships: Are You Doing Too Much?

I can’t speak for the whole world but in the UK, lately, we’ve seen the rise and fall of social media influencers, if that’s what we’re calling them, and their personal relationships. It’s become a trend for people to “validate” their relationships by posting everything on social media and although they like to proclaim it’s […]

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