7 Books That Will Change Your Mind Forever

featured image credit: Sevelle The Artist There are many benefits that come with reading books, from vocabulary improvement to the overall development of the mind – and everything in between. Living a healthy lifestyle is not limited to consuming a healthy diet, it also includes, but is not limited to, education. Many people use the assistance of social […]

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Netflix And Chill (What To Watch) – Day 7 of 2018

(I’ve had a lot going on mentally so although I wrote all of these posts on the days I was meant too, I didn’t feel comfortable to post. So if the day in the title doesn’t correlate with the day that it is then please take no notice. I’ll still upload everything from the days […]

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Barcelona’s Vegan CAT BAR

Let’s keep this short and sweet—or savoury. I’d like to recommend Cat Bar in Barcelona for all of the vegans—and non-vegans—out there. If you like big, delicious, flavoursome burgers, this is the place for you. If you’re a fan of potatoes in any form (chips, jackets, wedges etc), this is also the place for you. […]

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