Revisiting My 30 Before 30 List

In 2016, my first 30 before 30 list was published, which included 30 things that I wanted to do, or goals that I wanted to reach, by the time I reach 30. Almost two years since it has been published, and now that I’m 24 years old, I’ve decided to revisit that list to see […]

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Goodbye, Young Liss

A letter to my younger self  I’ve held onto you for much too long, in fear that your story would be forgotten. I’m learning now that you were my first teacher. I’m realising that I’ve learned from you what I need to know, meaning that it’s time for me to finally let you go. I […]

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Poem: Dear Bali, I Love You

Bali set my melanin on fire Leaving me with the tan my soul always desired Bali reminded me that I could socialise Building friendships with angels in human disguise Bali reminded me that love has no cost Showing me that I held within what I thought I had lost Bali showed me how to make […]

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PAC-47: Celebrating 47 Years Of Tupac Shakur

June 16, 2018, marks 47 years since the birth of, the legendary, Tupac Shakur. Although his life was cut short, in 1996, the rapper, actor, and voice of the people , has left a mark on the world—that has kept his memory alive. From artists quoting his lyrics, to producers remixing his tracks, Tupac’s music […]

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