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My Favourite Hotel – Hotel Once (Bangkok)

There are so many things that I haven’t told you all about, especially when it comes to travel. I keep telling myself that I’m going to update you all on travel and then I get side-tracked. However, I have been helping friends find holidays and hotels and I keep hearing, “you’re so good at this”, […]

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Nudara. Exotic Oudh Diffuser And Scented Candle

Ladies and gentleman, I’ll start by saying “you’re welcome!” as what I’m about to introduce you to is something that you are bound to love – just as I do. Allow me to introduce you to Nudara! Nudara is a luxury home decor brand of aroma’s that emulate scents of the world. It is a new […]

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A Letter From Me To My New Love, 2018.

I would like for you all to write a letter to 2018. I would like you all to refrain from putting anything negative into your letter to 2018. If there is something that you feel could be a downfall, find the positive in it and express that. I want you to believe in yourself and […]

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I’m Coming Back… Liss 2.0.

I had a conversation last night that really opened my eyes. MySpace Liss is coming back (those of you who knew me way back may understand). I used to be a bossy little superstar as a child, then as a teenager I was totally ready to takeover the burlesque world in my pink heels and […]

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