7 Books That Will Change Your Mind Forever

featured image credit: Sevelle The Artist There are many benefits that come with reading books, from vocabulary improvement to the overall development of the mind – and everything in between. Living a healthy lifestyle is not limited to consuming a healthy diet, it also includes, but is not limited to, education. Many people use the assistance of social […]

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Innocent individuals sold for $400 in horrific Libya slave trade

It has been reported that hundreds of innocent individuals are being auctioned in a modern day slave trade in Libya. People are being sold for prices between $200 and $600. Migrants and refugees in Libya, who are attempting to flee war and poverty back home, are being faced with much more danger as they are […]

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Dreams Bigger Than My Disabilities

Where do I start? I’ve attempted to write this post numerous times but I’m always mentally blocked. Although I’m very open with the fact that I am disabled, I mean it can’t really be hidden, I still find myself battling with the acceptance of it. All I know is that I want to dedicate this […]

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Who Said That We Want To Sit With You?

It’s 2017, aka the year of stunting. Humble personalities are very few and far between. If it’s not posted on your social media, others may think that you don’t have it. The amount of followers that people have dictates whether or not others will socialise with them and, annoyingly, the majority of “popular” folk’s captions […]

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