Aaron Roach Bridgeman Presents ‘8 Years Old And Smuggling Drugs’

Aaron Roach Bridgeman returns with another eye-opening documentary, 8 Years Old and Smuggling Drugs. The documentary, which airs at 9PM on Tuesday 30 January, on Channel 5Star, is a highly recommended must watch. 8 Years Old and Smuggling Drugs, fronted by North-West London presenter, producer and host Aaron Roach Bridgeman, provides viewers with a clear… via […]

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Netflix And Chill (What To Watch) – Day 7 of 2018

(I’ve had a lot going on mentally so although I wrote all of these posts on the days I was meant too, I didn’t feel comfortable to post. So if the day in the title doesn’t correlate with the day that it is then please take no notice. I’ll still upload everything from the days […]

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Working Myself Into Depression – Day 4 of 2018

It’s the fourth day, well night, of 2018 and finally I feel like I can breathe. As I count the blessing of being alive on this day, with the ability to make things better in life, I wanted to talk to you all about something not-so uplifting, or positive. Then again, I probably talk about […]

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