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Psychosis: The End Of One Mind, The Beginning Of Another

“Remember what they did to you. You can’t trust them”, said a voice clearer in sound than anything I’ve ever heard before. I was alone, assuming I was overhearing a neighbour’s conversation, until it called my name. “Ellis”, it called me louder and louder until I followed it straight outside, but nobody was there. Yet, […]

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Should Your Haters Motivate You?

Originally posted on The Sister Mums:
Yes they should, and here’s why… We all have haters, whether we’re aware of them or not. Haters aren’t assigned to each individual based on how nasty, or nice, we are. That would be too easy. Instead, they come out of the blue, when a hater is having the…

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Start Your Morning With Positive Thinking And You Will Thrive

Your mornings shouldn’t feel like mourning. They should be the first highlight of your day. You should start by showing gratitude to the universe because you woke up today. Waking up gives you another chance to make your life better than it has been. Follow that feeling of gratitude with a clean breakfast, a nice […]

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