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Why Aren’t You Smiling, Crocodile Teeth?

As I sat with my best friend talking about my realisation of past traumas that I’m still holding onto, she shared something with me. She told me that a family member of hers, who is also someone that I’m connected with, said that they would love to see me smile. It touched me deeply because […]

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Working Myself Into Depression – Day 4 of 2018

It’s the fourth day, well night, of 2018 and finally I feel like I can breathe. As I count the blessing of being alive on this day, with the ability to make things better in life, I wanted to talk to you all about something not-so uplifting, or positive. Then again, I probably talk about […]

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Attempted lynching of 8 year old boy in Claremont.

Please read the article below reposted from Black America Web regarding the young boy who received heaps of racial abuse, bullying and taunting before his attackers attempted to lynch him. There needs to be serious action taken against the young boys involved and this cannot be brushed under the carpet. Please spread the word to […]

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