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Review: Managing Your ‘Broken Brain’ To Live Your Best Life

Broken Brain is the title of, creative director, Hayley Repton’s latest short-film, featuring, blogger and youth leader, Penny Jarrett. The film manages to capture an impactful glimpse into the minds of those battling with ADHD—in a comfortable way. The artistically-shot film follows Penny, as she embarks on what would appear to be a normal night, yet […]

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Aaron Roach Bridgeman Presents ‘8 Years Old And Smuggling Drugs’

Aaron Roach Bridgeman returns with another eye-opening documentary, 8 Years Old and Smuggling Drugs. The documentary, which airs at 9PM on Tuesday 30 January, on Channel 5Star, is a highly recommended must watch. 8 Years Old and Smuggling Drugs, fronted by North-West London presenter, producer and host Aaron Roach Bridgeman, provides viewers with a clear… via […]

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