Who is Liss Morales?

Liss Morales is a spiritual writer, poet and clairsentient dedicated to guiding divine souls on a sacred return back to their authenticity. 

As a young girl, Liss’ connection to the spirit realm was met with a desire to unearth the truths of the universe. However, with many traumas and illnesses attained throughout her human experience, her path was met with hurdles of numbing, substance abuse and trauma seeking.

Following her most riveting spiritual awakening of them all, Liss embarked on a life-starting journey out of survival mode and into remembering her sacred mission. She realised that the gift of her sensing abilities, aided by a truth return, would not only heal the wounds of her past, but also fulfil her purpose of helping others heal.

With personal experiences of domestic violence, narcissistic abuse, Stockholm syndrome, psychosis, chronic illness—and much more—Liss has devoted her journey to inner-child healing, cultivating equanimity and breaking the curses placed upon her ancestors, to set the future free. She promotes spiritual wellness, the healing power of faith and oneness through inspirational writing and counselling.

She is also the owner of Afreeka Home, a home fragrance business created to support homes becoming sanctuaries; and is the editor of one of the largest music promotional platforms in the UK.

Founded in 2016, lissmorales.com has been a diary, news outlet, travel blog—and more. Within the L Blogs section you will find it all, whilst My Sacred Return will be solely transformational.

Join the My Sacred Return journey by subscribing to the website and following Liss on social media to engage with her directly. 

Peace, love and light—Dearest Divine Angels of Earth x

9 Replies to “Who is Liss Morales?”

  1. You wrote a story regarding my sister BDB & her attacker jasmine Jenkins several months ago
    Stabbing death between 2 baby mamas & baby’s daddy
    My name is Leatha harris 323)630-7522


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