Accepting Your Divinity To Accept Divinity

Accepting what is for you when you do not feel worthy is a challenge many attempt to avoid, myself included.

I found it hard to accept that I deserved better than what was being offered to me because I felt like I wasn’t even enough for the things that I wanted in the first place. My perception of self was flawed and rather than accepting my birth rights, I chose instead to accept a familiar contentedness, even though what I was satisfied with was pure pain.

My biggest struggle with accepting more was my misbelief that my wants and needs were far-fetched. I had convinced myself that those dreams only came to fruition for those who were special, and I failed to see that too was me. 

We are all special and we are all valuable to The Creator. God doesn’t choose us for this life by mistake, and it is in the remembrance that we were chosen specifically that returned me to the truth that to consciously deny my value is to deny God

Remembering who called you here brings you a step closer to remembering what your input must be in the evolution of souls–your purpose. For me, this began with trusting that the things that I felt were for me were within reach, just as they were for those whose lives I saw God’s hands over. It inspired me to learn to love myself deeper, trust that I deserved to receive what I felt was mine, and to accept everything given to me as a blessing for the highest good of my purpose.

This season of the journey brought me to reside in a deeper space of my truth, where God highlighted the misinformation within that I needed to release. I was also guided to release things outside of myself, things that I had once dreamed of and worked hard for, and people that I had delved within to rise for. 

In the depth of my truth, God put it on my heart to see that it is more noble to be honest than it is to be humble–which is something that took me a while to trust. It was always my focus to be humble, so much so that I fit myself into boxes of those who didn’t feel me worthy of standing equally as tall as them. Definitions of humble, and how it is taught on this land, are not self-accepting at all. It does not connect us deeper to God as some may say. It has become a depreciating thing that is used to pull us away from The Divine, as well as our divine nature. 

When people of this world seek to humble us, they are seeking to take us away from what we know in our heart to be true, so that we can serve the world and not God. 

To serve the world is to serve man and what man creates. But to serve God is to truly serve the highest order of humanity and truly impact the lives of the souls, the nature, and every divine vessel in this world. The more we accept how special we are and answer the call when God is trying to choose us, the more we will be able to touch the lives of the sacred souls we live amongst. To think that we need to low-rank ourselves to be fair and of God is misleading­–and not of divine truth.

We need to be honest with ourselves and accept that we are all divine beings with divine callings. It is that acceptance that will lay the foundation for our highest good to be met. And it is when we walk in our truth to meet our highest good that we will see that noble serving is a natural gift that we all contain.

The next time you find yourself humbling, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

Is this for God or for man?

Is this self-depreciating or serving a higher power?

Is this honest?

God calls us to be honest. You will answer these questions and know within if you are being true to that honesty. If you have falsely felt yourself above others and your idea of humble brings you to fairness, that is honest. But if you find yourself low ranking to put man above you, that is worldly deception, and not of God.

Let your discernment be your greatest companion.

You have divine gifts awaiting your return to the divinity of yourself.

I love you and I honour the divine in you. Always.

Love and light, Liss x

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