Even If Faith

It’s time to replace your what ifs with “even if” faith.

Recently, I’ve noticed the presence of the challenges in my space more than usual. The challenges are not much different – just extensions of the same thing. Yet I found myself feeling at more of a dis-ease with them.

The slight fluster of heaviness was nothing drastic, but it was enough to make me question how I had managed so far with such lightness, through the same struggles. 

It was then that I stumbled across a book that, although didn’t sit right with my soul, had a sentence that mentioned having “even if” faith. That was the answer to my hearts question. I have been operating from “even if” faith, and the dis-ease was a result of allowing that ground of faith to become shaky. 

For a long time, I let “what if” faith lead the way – and it didn’t feel too bad. Whenever I was faced with fear or doubt, I would think about what the most amazing outcome could be so that I could have a balance. You could call it an ability to see the bright side of things. That part of my nature made it easier for me to accept that possibility of a tougher outcome by knowing that my desired outcome was equally as possible.

I survived for a long time off this type of faith, but when I decided to leave survival mode behind, I realised that way of thinking had to also be left with it.

Operating from a thrive mind changed my thinking. Instead of worrying, I replaced my what ifs with declarations that “even if the worst thing happens, the outcome will be the most amazing because it is divinely planned by God”. Nothing happens accidentally. Nothing is taken away without leaving a valuable lesson behind. And every lesson is an offering of growth. All of which I have seen to be true.

I have seen the things that once appeared as hardships turn out to be the things that have strengthened my reach to touch joy. Experiences that I would not have chosen for myself, but have resulted in a better version of me at the end. These are the things that have shown me life in so many faces and have taught me how to sit in gratitude every day for the blessing to be here in this situation, in my generation. To experience this world at a time when it needs healers, and to be one of those who recognises how my contribution can help heal this world.

I didn’t think to isolate the words “even if” and associate it with my faith. It was simply the subtle part of my surrender to the Divine to show my trust for all happenings over my life. But hearing those words isolated allowed every time that “even if” poured out into my prayers to become highlighted in my mental gallery. 

Most of the prayers that I have sent out over the past year have affirmed my trust in the divine plan even if the blessings break my heart and turn my world upside down.

Which they have. 

But it is from an upside view of my world that I have been able to see the power in myself.

I’m able to look around me, at my challenges, and at those who also share some of those challenges with me – especially my family. There is a power in my faith that allows me to care as deeply – more so in some cases – yet with a sturdiness that wavers so infrequently now. Hence why I have the awareness to notice the shift in my energy so quickly, before it reached a point of impacting me past sheer concern.

That power is the “even if” aspect of faith, and that is the part that recently I had almost exchanged for my old “what if” mind out of fear.

We need our “even if” faith, even if we feel that it isn’t possible. Even if you think that I have no idea what you’re going through and that there is no possible that way you will be okay if the outcome is not your desired one. Even if you don’t feel comfortable to say it out loud because it sounds crazy to you. Even if to put amazing and that possibility in the same sentence is sickening to you. Even if it takes you a while to get to “even if” faith.

I’m here to tell you that it will be right on time when you get there, because that’s how divinity works. 

“Even if” faith is a tool that helps lay your foundation to thrive on. It will not leave if you get caught up in your mind – it will remain for the time you remember to ground yourself.

You are reading this now for a reason. Whether it is to have your lightbulb moment this second, to simply answer your hearts question, or to store an option of faith in the bank of your subconscious for a later date. 

If you’re still here with me, thank you.

If you have time, please take a moment to sit with this with me and this meditation:

Close your eyes and picture your world. See the challenges that are present in your life. Feel where you are holding the weight of these challenges by noticing where the negative “what ifs” are prominent. They may even feel loud or carry physical sensations. If it is too heavy, please try again at another time when you feel more relaxed. 

Take at least five deep breaths – or as much as you need to have a calm breathing pace.

Now, lean past the worst of your what if’s and into the best possible outcome of these challenges. Don’t worry if you are only focusing on one out of many, this is not a test and there is a reason why you are focusing there. Trust your mind and let it highlight the heaviest of its baggage.

Feel the energy of the best possible outcome. Smile at the thought of it. Let the ease of it fill your spirit with lightness. Sit with it for however long it takes to embrace its warmth. 

Does it have a colour? A smell? A sensation? Give yourself time to notice these things.

When you feel yourself rested in this energy, put your hand on your heart and tell yourself calmly and compassionately: “Even if what I deem to be the worst outcome results from this situation, my heart will still rest in this deep gratitude that I feel in my smiling heart”.

Repeat this three times out loud.

Allow your breathing to return to its resting pace if it changed, or if it has remained rested then take a few breaths and open your eyes when you are ready.

This moment is now a healthy memory of you supporting yourself in faith that will return to you in a time when you need it the most.

I love you and I honour the divine in you. Always.

Love and light, Liss x


3 Replies to “Even If Faith”

  1. Wow it is so awesome and the trick that you mentioned smell,see one I have read the same in a book by savi sharma the stories we never tell and its very nice and I will definitely convert if with even if for sure.I think there is nothing outside us if we are happy within ourself and mentally we are actually happy so we must play such tricks with mind😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I will have to go and buy that book so I can read it, thank you for the recommendation. I feel the same way, it is all within us and then as within so without. Thank you for reading and commenting 💜🙏🏾

      Liked by 1 person

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