God As The Foundation Of Consistency

Until I got intentional about giving thanks to the Most High daily, from thanking God for bringing me to see another day, to the deep reverence for all of the blessings over the life of myself, my loved ones and the world, I procrastinated my way out of the best opportunities in life. 

I used to live in a routine that would solely serve others, partially to avoid how I felt about myself. In every workplace, in most friendships, and in family, I accepted much less than my worth. I allowed myself to stay in uncomfortable situations because I didn’t feel good enough for what I desired–or even what I needed. 

There came a time where how I viewed myself became much too bothersome for me. I was encountering people that saw my high value and it made me feel uncomfortable because they didn’t require me to pander to their needs, nor did they overstep boundaries. They saw my inner beauty and did not judge it, and I realised that I had grown to seek judgment. They saw the hard work I’d put into my growth and commended me, and I realised that I had grown accustomed to my efforts going unnoticed. They saw the power of my authentic essence and held me in reverence, and I realised that I had grown accustomed to belittling and adapting myself to be accepted by people that never had intentions to ever accept me. 

Aligning with people that affirmed greatness over my life with every interaction and still feeling unworthy showed me just how much I had blinded myself to God’s blessings. I wasn’t comfortable unless I was sacrificing my happiness for everyone else, but I wasn’t comfortable in my routine either. I was sad. Sometimes too deeply to even understand.

Sitting with these realisations were tough, so I began thanking and affirming in prayer that God had opened my eyes to see the beauty of myself without such challenge. I have mentioned many times on Instagram that my prayers are often not inclusive of requests, but rather they are full of thank you’s. Even for things that haven’t yet come to pass. 

Before I started praying this way, I would pray in sadness in want of a miracle–unable to see the miracles already on their way to me. Or after a blessing much too big to ignore, in a sporadic moment of gratitude. For this reason, my periods of prayer were never consistent. However, when I began to pray to see myself as God sees me, my time with God started to become constant, and daily. The intention behind my prayer time wasn’t for a momentary cause, it was to accept myself wholly. And that is an importance that supersedes time. 

With affirmative time of gratitude with God as part of my daily routine, I started to rebuild my confidence and clear my sight. But something I never expected was that it would become my foundation for consistency. It allowed me to do something consistent for myself, which bled over into other areas of my life. Like a domino effect. 

My consistency with God was the basis that supported me in showing up for myself, upholding my boundaries, standing up for what I believe in fearlessly and chasing my dreams without looking back. 

Sometimes we just need one thing to nurture, embrace and become consistent with to see that we have the power to be consistent in all areas of our lives. And what better foundation to have than that of The Highest Power?

I love you, and I honour the divine in you.

Love and light, Liss x

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