A Reflection Of Your Past Self Is Manifesting You Today

When people say that someone is out there manifesting you, the focal point is usually romantic. Although in some cases it does refer to romantic relationships, life is much bigger than that. In fact, it’s bigger than all close-proximity relationships; and even generations. It’s as big as knowing that there is someone out there, who is going through what you went through, simply manifesting someone who understands. That someone is you – and your story could be their saving grace.

Oftentimes, we look at life through a lens that sees ourselves, and our experiences, as far removed from other souls in the world. We see our pain as being so specific that it’s impossible for anyone else to understand. Yet, we fail to realise that, although we are individuals, we are all one in the grand scheme of things. And in truth, we are only as disconnected as we choose to remain.

Whether you accept it or not, there is someone out there who’s current life is mirroring your past. They are experiencing the hopelessness you once felt, the trapped mind you once carried and, unfortunately, the abuse you once endured. They are also seeing life through the lens that sees their pain as so specific that it’s impossible for anyone to understand.

But how can that lens be true, if once upon time, that was also you?

When we shift our lens to look at life through one that accepts that our yesterday is another’s today, we open ourselves to the clarity that is: being yourself is service enough. This shift in perspective allows us to see the power in not only our present situation, but also in our presence.

We are overcomer’s for a purpose. And when we reach the end of the tunnel, where the light shines, it is important for us to celebrate – and rejoice – out loud. Allowing those still on the other side to see hope in us. Something as simple as a saying, “you can do it too“, back down the tunnel, can stop someone from giving up. Sharing your testimony can do so much more.

Remember, everyone cannot see light – but most people can feel presence.

Be the presence.

There were so many times that I felt insignificant, and that my troubles and traumas made me unqualified to share my healing. I allowed the labels, and symptoms, that I experienced along the journey to weigh heavier on me than the pride I should have felt for triumphing. On top of that, I also let the fear of being misjudged limit me from sharing my truths openly enough to be able to give hope to those now living in my old shoes.

I had to remember that I didn’t leave the past behind on accident, and that my journey was not insignificant. I had to remember all of the hard work that I put into getting to the other side. I had to learn to clap for myself for staying dedicated despite the odds. And I had to truly believe that God doesn’t call the qualified, God qualifies the called.

Someone out there is manifesting me.

Whether it’s to hear my voice, watch my journey, read my story or simply see me rise, someone out there is praying to see me – a reflection of making it through what is currently burdening them. They do not require me to be anything other than myself. They do not require external validation to prove that I am worthy of being a source of inspiration. Nor do they have any expectations of what my presence can do for their life. In truth, most of them do not even believe that I exist. Which is even more reason for me be their wish fulfilment.

And it is the same for us all.

We have all been through experiences, whether we think they are minuscule or not, that someone following in our steps may find challenging. Just as it aids us in our journeys to see a physical, oftentimes human, source of inspiration – it’s important for us to pay it forward; and be that source for others too.

This is a reminder that you have been qualified through your experience, and shame does not exist amongst overcoming a trial or tribulation. Whatever once made you feel alone, is making someone else feel alone right now. And your truth is the gift that could change their life. Why would you hoard a gift that would change someones life if you gave it to them?

Speak your truth and let it shine. The world needs your light.

I love you, and I honour the divine in you. 

Love and light, Liss x

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