Honouring Changing Seasons With Remembrance

Spring Equinox has arrived, marking the start of new beginnings for many. 

Spiritually, Spring equinox signifies a time for renewal – from new growth to new beginnings, physically and emotionally. In Latin terms, equinox means “equality of night and day”, however, in terms of weather, we will see far more bright days than dark nights over the next three months. Symbolically, in my opinion, this highlights that true balance sees light outweigh the dark. It also symbolises the return of the natural order of things, which welcomes rebirth, new life, abundance, opportunity and change without fear, or lack, in block of blessings. And as I step into this new season, with much optimism, I’m reminded that this chapter – like any joy reclaiming, chapter – is not about finding myself, but rather about remembrance. 

Embarking on a new journey, whether it be healing or celebratory, can feel like a journey of finding something that never existed before. Even if you’re stepping into a chapter that you’ve worked so hard for, it’s still common to feel like you’re either undeserving, or that you’re a complete stranger to yourself. These feelings are then supported by the societally pushed narrative that tells you that you were lost before and now have to “find yourself”. 

For a long time, I listened to society and believed that I was lost, too. Which led me to trying to find myself in medicines, teachings, and even the guidance of those who claimed to speak God’s word. All in aim to become the woman that the world would benefit from – failing to realise that the Divine had already instilled her within. And even though some of the practices, or experiences (such as travelling across the world to learn true mindfulness from master teachers), have guided me in my return, the truth is that the journey is not about finding anything. The journey is about remembering what already is; and using your gifts to cultivate the best out of this human experience. 

When we are children, we are highly intuitive. It is often said that children have spiritual gifts that they grow out of when they are older. However, you do not outgrow a gift from the Divine – the most you can do is disconnect from it. With children, this disconnect is forced when adults (with societies contribution) mould them away from themselves, and into the ways of the world. Many of us adults today were once children that were moulded away from ourselves. Only to have our own gifts watered down, repackaged and sold back to us later in life.

Through our early guidance, or lack thereof, we have been taught to sell ourselves short and keep ourselves in safe boxes. Some of our caregiver’s passed this on to us due to what they had been taught, consciously or unconsciously. Whilst some of us may have encountered abusers that put us in those boxes with intention. In both scenarios, these actions are based on fear. We are guided to play it safe, just in case. But as we live in a world that is full of danger and risk, whether we hide within boxes or not, why are we not taught to live our truths and make the most of our time, just in case?

We were all uniquely made for a reason, but amongst our shared commonalities is the fact that we were all made deserving. In order to receive what we deserve we must believe that we deserve it. This requires returning to our authenticity. Because the magnet to our desires already exists within us. And it is that which is within that will allow us to not only live out our best human experiences, but to also leave indelible contributions on Earth that will raise the frequency of blessings for generations to come. 

Healing from your wounds and welcoming in abundance both begin with remembrance. Remembering that you are enough, and that as you continue to grow, and take care of yourself, you can only become better. There is nothing to find, because you were never lost. Your vision was simply blocked from seeing the divinity in you, to benefit those who chose fear over truth. Would you like to follow in their footsteps, and continue living within limits, or will you reclaim the joy that is rightfully yours and allow the desires of your heart to be met?

I ask that you walk into this new season with deep honour and compassion for yourself. Start with remembrance, and there you shall awaken your truth. 

I love you, and I honour the divine in you. 

Love and light, Liss x

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