Quaran-TV: What To Watch On Netflix

Hola amigas!

We’re living through a pandemic at the moment, with the coronavirus poisoning the world, and most of us are in quarantine right now. There are a number of things to be doing right now, such as reading books, doing home exercises, learning a new language, practicing new cooking skills, and so on. However, kicking back with your feet up at times is also needed during this time. So, if you’re not meditating, watch the Netflix recommendations below (plus an Amazon Prime and Oxygen recommendation also!).


Unorthodox is a short series, with just four episodes, about a Hasidic Jew who flees an arranged marriage and moves across the world. Each episode gets better as the story unfolds more and more, and you can’t help but love the main character. The show is so good. It lets you into a lifestyle that many of us may not understand, and shows us strength. My favourite thing was that Unorthodox is so liberating as you get to follow a young women as she frees herself from unfair restraints and find happiness within. 


The Occupant

The Occupant is a Spanish film about a man who can no longer afford his lifestyle, but still desires to live the high life; and will go to any means to get his life back. Even if that means stealing someone else’s. Although it’s Spanish, there are voice-overs and they almost match the mouths. The film is totally f**ked up and twisted, but I love weird things like this so I really enjoyed it. It made me wonder if anybody has done this in real life and gotten away with it… but who would ever admit to that?

the occupant

Self Made

Self Made is the short docu-series about the life of Madam C.J. Walker. It was an interesting way of telling her story and sharing information that some people, or maybe just myself, weren’t aware of beforehand. However, it does give me a bit of “Drunk History” vibes, but I love Drunk History so to me that’s not a bad thing. 

self made madam c j walker

Three Identical Strangers

Three Identical Strangers is a documentary about triplets separated at birth and reunited as teenagers. But that’s just the basis, as it gets so more interesting than that; or shall we say “insane!” It was fascinating as the dark truths were revealed, and it shocked me plenty of times. Although it was fascinating, it was also quite upsetting at times; but still very well worth the watch. 

three identical strangers

The Platform

The Platform was the most frustrating thing to watch on this list, especially the noisy eating within the first 15-20 minutes, but at the same time the film is gripping. It’s hard for me to even explain what it’s about, because I still don’t know myself (lol). I’d suggest watching the trailer to get the best idea of what goes down. I spent the whole time trying to understand what was going on, and it sent me on a mental whirlwind, but I feel like one of you could really figure it out, so can someone please watch it? P.s. It’s very grotesque and strange at times.

the platform

Miracle In Cell No. 7

Miracle In Cell No. 7 is a Turkish film about a mentally-ill father who is accused of murdering his young daughters friend, and his relationship with his daughter. It’s based on the 2013 South Korean original, and it has English subtitles so you have to focus, but it is so worth the watch! Please, have some tissues ready because it’s very emotional. It made me think of my own relationship with my dad, because of how protective I am over him. Just thinking about the film has me choked up. Watch it!

miracle in cell no 7

Ladies In Black

Ladies In Black is my absolute favourite film on this list! I loved it so much, and will be watching it again, and again… and again. The film is based on the novel The Women In Black by Madeleine St John. Based in 1959, Sydney, the film follows main character Lisa as she comes into her own. It has an old school feel that made me feel like I was dreaming at times. It’s a happy film. You’ll feel proud, you’ll feel excited, you’ll feel love, and you’ll feel joy if you watch it. You’ll see women coming into their own, experiencing love and new ways of life. It was entirely beautiful in my eyes.

ladies in black

Lost Girls

Lost Girls is so sad and is based on the true story of Shannan Gilbert and her mother’s search for her. It’s such a touching film and it takes you on a ride with the families of all of the lost girls, and the affects it has on the loved ones. If you’re a researcher, like myself, please refrain from looking up the story before you watch the film. And make sure you watch until the end to read on the screen what happened after… It’s wild!

lost girls


Messiah is a series that explores the prophecies of the bible in a very modern way. It was filmed in approximately 30 locations and there are many languages used, which makes it even better in my opinion. I was hooked! The show literally took me on a journey and I feel that whether you have faith or not, it will nudge you to at least thinkwhat if” at some moments. It’s a magical series, and unfortunately it’s now cancelled (due to complaints), but personally I think that it was great.


Coffee & Kareem

Coffee and Kareem is about a young boy who finds out that his mother is dating a cop and tries to… well, that would be giving it away. But the pair end up getting into some trouble, and the film gets crazy. Some people won’t like it due to the child’s potty mouth, but although I don’t think children should swear, I still find it hilarious when they do. (I’m guilty of watching the children swearing compilations on YouTube.) So to me, it was very funny; and extremely cheesy! 


Hunters (Amazon Prime)

Hunters is a series set in 1977, Brooklyn, that follows a group of Nazi hunters as they seek to expose the Nazi’s who moved to America and disguised themselves. Hunters is a really good show, and Al Pacino (my favourite actor) is one of the main characters! There’s a lot of murder and plot twists, but it’s sucks you in and leaves you wanting more at the end. We need Season 2… ASAP! *Tokyo Toni voice*


Kim Kardashian-West: The Justice Project (Hayu – an add on of Amazon Prime)

Kim Kardashian-West: The Justice System is a documentary that follows Kim K on her journey of prison reform. Viewers get to see the business woman go into prisons to talk to those incarcerated, and allow them to tell their stories. It’s very insightful and she’s doing great things! Also, if you love to research, after watching you’ll have a few cases to learn about further.


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