New Year Intentions: Dear 2020, I’m Ready.

Can you believe that 2019 is almost a thing of the past and we’re heading into a brand-new decade? Well, believe it because it’s time.

As I get ready to step into 2020 I’m reflecting on the past year, and just how far I’ve come. From losing my polluted mind to finding ways to be at peace whilst staying present, I’ve allowed myself to evolve by saying goodbye to fear. Living a life where you’re scared of almost everything is draining, to say the least, but it takes a lot of courage to shake off the false evidence that appears real. It wasn’t an overnight process for me, and I’m not entirely fearless yet, but I’m stronger and more willing to take risks now.

People keep asking me if I’m ready for 2020 and my answer is: “Of course!” Not because I know what the next year will bring, but because I know what I’m aiming for, and I now know that I have the strength to reach the heights I’ve often dreamt of.

I’m ready to be settled in my new place, because I’m preparing it to be comfortable and peaceful. I’m ready to commit to getting a tattoo, because I’ve prepared myself to accept that if it’s not perfect it’s fine, I’ll survive. I’m ready to visit some new places, because I’ve visited enough new places to know that the thrill I get from exploring somewhere new is something that I must experience at least once a year. I’m ready to get back to reading a book a week, because now I know that when I’m having trouble focusing on writing or I’m having a migraine, I can use Audible (your first audiobook is free) and still hear a new book each week. I’m ready to grow my hair longer and healthier, because I’ve learned what works over the past few years, and have seen results, so I know that I’m on the right track. I’m ready to better my diet, because I’ve spent more time researching how to be healthier and Ayurvedic diets to keep me strong whilst Fibromyalgia tries to kick my butt. I’m ready to get back in the gym and get the figure that I want, because I’ve realised how easy it is for me to “snapback” when I’m consistent. I’m ready to write a new book, because, well, I’ve started already and publishing Mood Board gave me the confidence to keep writing books. I’m ready to receive, and accept, the love that I deserve, because I’ve affirmed what I want and no longer give energy to what I don’t.

I have more things to tick off from my 30 before 30 list. I have more things to learn, and to teach. I have a more optimistic attitude that I need to keep in order to remain positive more often. I have to let bygones be bygones, and to forgive more and stress less. I have to get closer to God and continue to surrender to the Universe. I have to create more good memories to replace the bad ones. I have to aim higher, dream bigger and achieve more. I have to start the new decade as I mean to go on for the next 10 years… Winning!

Going into a new year can be intimidating. Everyone is sharing their goals and looking back at all of their highlights of the year, and it could make you feel like you’re not doing enough. If you are feeling belittled by what you’re seeing on social media at this time, log out. Literally, log out of your account and don’t log back in until you vow to stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of joy, and it’s also a self-inflicted pain, so stop doing it. “It’s not that easy, Liss,“… actually it is. People like to complicate it by saying that it’s so hard/tough, but that is a cop out. If you make the decision to dedicate yourself to having a specific mindset, you will have that mindset. The only thing that will ever be able to hold you back is yourself. So, are you going to make excuses and hold yourself back, or are you going to dedicate yourself to putting a stop to comparing yourself to others? You decide.

Some people struggle to make goals, or maybe feel that their goals aren’t big enough. Your goals need only to be as big as you want them to be. A goal to stop biting your nails can be as important as a goal to start a business. It’s all about individual perspective. One tip that I think is very good for setting new year goals is to have 12 self-care goals, and do one every month. It could be something as simple as having a meal with work colleagues, going bowling with your siblings, or having a pamper day alone. Those small things will help to give you things to look forward to, so that no matter whether you’ve had a rough few weeks or not, you know that you’re going to have at least one enjoyable day per month. It’s so simple yet it makes a huge difference!

Most importantly, ensure that whatever you do, you set boundaries and practice self-love at all times. Nothing and nobody should be able to disrespect you without being held accountable.

Do not allow people to treat you like you don’t have any worth. You are so WORTHY just as you are! But you have to firstly treat yourself like you are golden as it sets the tone for how everyone else will respond to you. Those that are for you will align with your soul purpose, and those who aren’t will make you feel less than. Get rid of everyone who makes you feel less than. Every single one.

Last but not least, enjoy 2020. It’s far too easy to be miserable and ambitionless, but it’s far more rewarding to commit to being happy and chasing your dreams. Let your hair down as much as you can, and really engulf yourself in all the joys that the new year has to offer you. You won’t regret it!

Love and light, Liss x


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