Should Your Haters Motivate You?

The Sister Mums

Yes they should, and here’s why…

We all have haters, whether we’re aware of them or not. Haters aren’t assigned to each individual based on how nasty, or nice, we are. That would be too easy. Instead, they come out of the blue, when a hater is having the blues, with the intention of bringing us down to their level.

Do you know who your haters are? You may, or may not, as haters fluctuate, and your hater today may be your biggest support tomorrow. In fact, your hater today could be the lady on the train that had to move her bags off the seat so that you could sit down. She probably went and told the friend she was meeting how much you ruined her day, when all you wanted to do was have a seat. Another hater could be your partner who didn’t seem happy for you…

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