#LateNightsMorningSoul with Boogie (No.4)

#LateNightsMorningSoul is a weekly playlist of 11 tracks to help you chill-ax on a late night, or awaken your soul early in the morning. Tracks featured may be new releases, classic hits, or something magical in between. Most importantly, it’s all good music. Check out the mini-reviews first, and then listen to the playlist below. Enjoy!

Adrienne Indigo – Breathe

With birds chirping, and sweet soulful harmonies, Adrienne Indigo reminds listeners that all they have to do is just ‘Breathe’. Her voice is relaxing, and melts into the background sounds, providing a meditative element to the track. It will keep you zen. 

APHRA – Plastic (Moses Sumney Cover)

Covering ‘Plastic’, originally by Moses Sumney, is Aphra and her strong vocals—and lovely voice. The vibe is old school, and as the acoustic sounds make her beautiful riffs echo, you will feel at peace. The energy is just right as she makes this track her own. 

Niia – Loose (Daniel Caesar Cover)

Niia puts her own twist on Daniel Caesar’s ‘Loose’, and it sounds like a blend of jazz and soul. The vibes on this track are also old school, making the track feel like food for the soul. Keeping the songs deep meaning, her voice blends perfectly with the piano sounds. It’s a great cover.

Glenn Lumanta – Run Free

Over a hip-hop styled beat, Glenn Lumanta’s sweet voice delivers ‘Run Free’. This RnB track is transcending, as it sends a message about running free, and getting out of the chains in your mind, whilst being supported. The message is nice, and the beautiful sound creates a nice vibe. 

Porsia Camille – Right For Me

Porsia Camille’s distinctive voice over an ethereal hip-hop beat make ‘Right For Me’ feel personal. She has nice control of her slightly husky tone, and sings lyrics that resonate, whilst feeling brave to express. The track is about having to put yourself first and leave the person that is wrong for you. It’s great motivation for those struggling with putting themselves first. 

Olivia Nelson – Smother Me

With her beautiful voice, Olivia Nelson sings about wanting to be smothered in love—in her track ‘Smother Me’. The beat has got it going on, with a nice amount of intricate details that make the track pop. The vocals, lyrics, and slight sounds of auto tune make this uplifting track an easy listen. 

Marie Dahlstrøm – Ask About Me

Over a guitar sound, that mimics the style of beat boxing, Marie Dahlstrøm makes ‘Ask About Me’ feel like gospel. The track is about forgetting someone that you love, because they aren’t good for you, and moving forward. Soulful and sweet, it’s perfect for those going through a tricky breakup—or those that just need to remember their worth. 

Mulherin – All To Myself

Creating tranquil vibes that take you away, to outer space, is Mulherin with ‘All To Myself’. His lovely voice is nice and low, making the sound feel effortless. Whilst the lyrics have an ethereal feel, making you imagine the tale of wanting someone all to yourself. This track is one of this week’s favourites! 

Helen Hailu – My Apologies

‘My Apologies’ will have you rocking from side to side, as Helen Hailu sings peacefully over a moving beat. As she makes statements, whilst reminiscing on life—from parental sacrifices to wanting to sing—Helen apologises with a Sorry Ms Jackson twist of “I’m sorry mama”. It’s relatable, and loveable. 

Young Clancy – O My

Another stand out track on this playlist is ‘O My’ by Young Clancy. His sound is completely different to the others featured this week, and the added effects used create even more difference. But it works, very well. The sound is spacey, with funky elements. It’s jazzy, and funky, dabbling in a plethora of sounds that make you want to say O My! 

Auraganic – Do 4 U (Prod. WAVLNGTH)

Featured on the PAC47 playlist, Auraganic’s ‘Do 4 U’, nicely produced by WAVLNGTH , had to end this week’s #LateNightsMorningSoul. The track feels like driving down California streets on a beautiful day, due to the calming g-funk vibes with light drumming elements. Not to mention the faded 2pac vocals. It’s a peaceful end to this week’s list. 

Listen to the playlist below, on Soundcloud, and don’t forget to subscribe to the artists that your ears, mind, and soul, fall in love with. This list is just a snippet of the sweetness that these artists have to offer. Until next week—love and light to all.



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