Revisiting My 30 Before 30 List

In 2016, my first 30 before 30 list was published, which included 30 things that I wanted to do, or goals that I wanted to reach, by the time I reach 30. Almost two years since it has been published, and now that I’m 24 years old, I’ve decided to revisit that list to see if I’ve made any progress—whilst making any adjustments where things have changed.

Without beating around the bush, I’m going to jump straight into it. Let’s have a look at what I’ve accomplished, whilst replacing some of my old goals with new ones.

1.  Go to Bali – I visited Bali in September of 2016, and had the best experience there. I volunteered, through IVHQ, with children in kindergarten, and I also made some long term friendships with amazing individuals. The culture in Bali is breathtaking, and hopefully I will return. 

2. Go to Paris and eat at Café des Deux Moulins – I love French movies and this restaurant was featured in the movie Amelie. I visited in August 2015.

3. Write a book – I’ve finished writing my first poetry book, and after editing it will be published. I’m also in the process of writing a book about parts of my life, as well as creating a book as part of a project for charity. I wanted to write one book, and three will be out soon. I’m very proud, that I stopped being afraid to publish a book. 

4. Graduate – I almost finished my final year of university, studying Law, and then I pushed back my exams, just before having a psychotic break. Therefore, graduation will be pushed back, as I will need to take my exams later than I was meant to. But I’m almost finished, and I’m proud.

5. Buy a house

6. Give blood – I’m under the required weight to be able to give blood currently, and I’m still trying to put the weight on so that I’m able to give blood.

7. Go on a yoga retreat

8. Grow healthy waist length hair – When this list was first created, I was still addicted to cutting my hair. Since 2016, I haven’t cut my own hair. I’m allowing it to grow, and only get trims done when I get my hair straightened (once/twice) a year. It’s grown, and is now past my bra strap. We’re getting there!

9. Travel alone My first solo trip was in August 2015 and I have more to come.

10. Volunteer abroadI volunteered abroad in September, and October, of 2016, in Bali and Thailand. In Bali, I volunteered with children, and, in Thailand, I volunteered with Elephants, at a rescue sanctuary. Volunteering was one of the best experiences that I’ve ever had, and it inspired me to continue being charitable, and to recommend volunteering to everyone. I will make volunteering abroad a regular occurrence. 

11. Become a vegetarian – I became a vegetarian in September 2015 and within weeks became a vegan. Super proud to have ticked this off!

12. Build a school in Africa

13. Get a tattoo – I love tattoos but I think that they require a commitment that I’m not sure I’m ready to make but will I ever be ready? So once I decide what tattoo I want I’m going for it. I’m sure I’ll learn to deal with the fact that it’s stuck on me for life (lol)

14. Get my teeth fixed I have braces! After a terrible experience with braces in my early teens, and spending countless amounts of money on preparing my teeth for treatment again, I’m finally on the road to perfect teeth. I think that this one can be ticked off, as my teeth are being fixed as I write this. 

15. Go to an Opera

16. Create a family tree – I’ve started asking questions, and making notes. The aim is to make a family tree that I can pass on to my children, and my nieces/nephews, so they know where we came from.

17. Go to Jamaica

18. Go to Puerto Rico

19. Raise £5000 for charity

20. Learn how to do a handstand – I’ve climbed up walls of hallways, walked on my hands with my legs behind my head, kicked ass in martial arts and even ran in races (I don’t like to run), but I’ve never been able to do a handstand. I can’t even do a headstand. Something about being upside down is not appealing to me, but I’ve always wanted to do it, so I’m going to learn.

21. Don’t say anything negative for a month I’ve managed to stop saying negative things for longer than a month, and although I relapse from time to time, the way that I verbalise my feelings is much nicer, and much more pleasant. I don’t have to let negative thoughts leave my mouth, and although I’m not perfect, I’ve accomplished this goal, and hope to continue walking down this path. 

22. Go to the gym 100 times (and actually exercise) – If I wasn’t naturally slim I’d be severely overweight, because the thought of exercise makes me want to vomit. However, I’m so unfit, it really would be beneficial for me to exercise. 

23. Watch The Lion King – After 24 years, I have finally watched The Lion King. I felt like the only person that hadn’t seen it, but now I’ve joined the club, and it was such a good film! Emotional, but good. 

24. Improve my Spanish so I’m fluent

25. Go to NYC and attend the Puerto Rican Day Parade

26. Stop smoking cigarettes

27. Touch a real Elephant – I’ve touched, hugged, washed, and fed, real elephants and I’m overwhelmed at the thought. It was an amazing experience for me, and I would love to go back to the elephant sanctuary one day, in search for Tabu (my elephant friend that melted my heart)! 

28. Stop biting my nailsNow that I have braces again, it has forced me to stop biting my nails, as it’s practically impossible for me to bite them. I’ve only stopped biting my nails for a few weeks so far, but I have stopped. 

29. Go zip-lining – I attempted when I was about 9 or 10 and was zipped and ready to go and then I got scared. I will do it one day.

30. Stop using heat on my hair for a whole year – I’ve managed to avoid putting heat on my hair for a whole year, twice, and moving forward I will only put heat on my hair once/twice a year. My hair is healthier than ever, and growing with a natural bouncy texture, because of my reduced use of heat. I’m happy!

NB. Two goals have been replaced, 19 was to ‘get married’, and 26 was ‘to have more than one child’. They are two things that I still wish for, but I’ve learned that those are not things that I can, or should be able to control. They are supposed to be natural, so I decided to replace them with goals that I can work towards, without forcing anything.

That’s it, my revised 30 before 30 list. I’m proud that I’ve been able to tick more accomplishments off my list, and I look forward to achieving more. Do you have a 30 before 30 list? What do you have written on there? Please let me know in the comments, or share links to your own lists, I’d love to read them!

Thank you for reading.

Love and light, Liss x

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