PAC-47: Celebrating 47 Years Of Tupac Shakur

June 16, 2018, marks 47 years since the birth of, the legendary, Tupac Shakur. Although his life was cut short, in 1996, the rapper, actor, and voice of the people , has left a mark on the world—that has kept his memory alive. From artists quoting his lyrics, to producers remixing his tracks, Tupac’s music has been proved to be timeless.

To celebrate, what would be, Tupac’s 47th birthday, here is PAC47—an 11 track playlist that consists of remixes of the artists tracks. Listen to PAC47 below, to add a bit of Tupac Shakur to your day. Never forgetting the icon that was—and still is. Enjoy.

Love and light, Liss x


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