#LateNightsMorningSoul with Boogie (No.3)

#LateNightsMorningSoul is a weekly playlist of 11 tracks to help you chill-ax on a late night, or awaken your soul early in the morning. Tracks featured may be new releases, classic hits, or something magical in between. Most importantly, it’s all good music. Check out the mini-reviews first, and then listen to the playlist below. Enjoy!

Mars Today – Juicyfruit (ft. OMAC) 

Starting with jazz, incorporating funky beats into a sample from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, ‘Juicyfruit’ is the nuanced track by Mars Today featuring. OMAC. Relaxing listeners with lyrics that feel like ‘fully loaded sugar coated love’, the track is uplifting and tranquil—at the same time. 

RobLaw – Something About Flowers 

Over a nice beat, with subtle hip-hop scratches, Rob Law lets his beautiful soulful voice tell a tale of the fall of a relationship—whilst realising that his dream girl was just a thrill. Alongside the beautiful melodies, ‘Something About Flowers’ captivates listeners with its breathtaking comparison to flowers. 

Elijah Fox – Not Over You (ft. Marie Dahlstrøm)

‘Not Over You’ is the peaceful duet that showcases the effortless blend of Elijah Fox and Marie Dahlstrøm’s voices. Marie’s high-notes, meshed with Elijah’s grounding voice, take listeners away, whilst keeping the grounded. Allowing them to fly away with the track, whilst still being deeply rooted.

Sydney Franklin – Forever (ft. Mac Ayres) 

The nimble picking of a guitar lays the base of Sydney Franklin’s ‘Forever’, featuring Mac Ayres. As one of this week’s favourites, this track is relaxing, with the perfect flares of upbeat elements. Sydney’s strong voice catches listeners attention for all of the right reasons, whilst Mac’s beautiful harmonies neatly fill the gaps—creating a masterpiece. 

Jaz Karis – Sugar Don’t Be Sweet 

Jaz Karis transcends listeners on a search through the mountains, to swim deep whilst caught up in a dream, with ‘Sugar Don’t Be Sweet’. Sounding ever so effortless, whilst being honest and relatable, Jaz uses her soft and smooth voice to hypnotise listeners. As the guitar in the background helps her words stand out. 

Tera Kòrá – Sober (w/ Meek)

This remix of Mahalia’s ‘Sober’ makes the track sound even better, as Tera Kòrá creates a beat packed with nice elements, that feel like sitting by a beautiful waterfall—on a summers evening. No longer will a love hangover feel miserable with this track on your playlist, as it peacefully creates a chilled vibe—whilst the birds chirp. 

Shyam – Breaking And Entering (Prod. Zack Sekoff)

Another one of this week’s favourites is ‘Breaking And Entering’ by Shyam. Sounding like trouble, and feeling like a naughty phase, this track talks about robbery—and the beauty is that it could be about anything. Like stealing someone’s attention, which is what the track does. Powerful in its beat, with direct lyricism, Shyam creates such a nice versatile vibe—that differs when listening to the track with your eyes closed, and opened. 

Chloé Leone – Mary J (DEMO)

Sort of like an ode to ‘Mary J’, Chloé Leone’s demo track is sweeter than berries. Referencing the RNB singers hit track ‘No More Drama’, Chloé uses her beautiful voice to wash away the bad vibes, and focus on the good—exciting listeners to hear a full finished version. 

Ruby Francis – Move 

Ruby Francis may become a regular feature on these playlists, as her honestly refreshing voice sounds so familiar. ‘Move’ is about feeling excited by the deliciousness of your sweet lover, and has melodies that seep into your brain. Giving listeners all of the positive feels imaginable. It’s worth many replays.

Iyamah – Cryptic Love 

Iyamah’s low, yet striking voice, has the perfect amount of croaky elements to sound honest as she sings. ‘Cryptic Love’ is about being the victim of such emotion, shedding light on being lead astray, reminding listeners that they aren’t alone—in being brought down by a poor lover. Not forgetting to shout out those that actually love their partners—without being cryptic.

APHRA – He Still Loves Me (Jill Scott Cover) 

APHRA makes Jill Scott’s ‘He Loves Me’ her own, as her beautiful voice plays as an instrument, as well as a singing tool. When cover covering great artists like Jill Scott, it’s hard to find people that can do it justice, but APHRA makes it work, over a peaceful acoustic sound. It’s ever so beautiful—ending the playlist in a lovely manner.

Listen to the playlist below, on Soundcloud, and don’t forget to subscribe to the artists that your ears, mind, and soul, fall in love with. This list is just a snippet of the sweetness that these artists have to offer. Until next week—love and light to all.

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