#LateNightsMorningSoul with Boogie (No.2)

#LateNightsMorningSoul is a weekly playlist of 11 tracks to help you chill-ax on a late night, or awaken your soul early in the morning. Tracks featured may be new releases, classic hits, or something magical in between. Most importantly, it’s all good music. Check out the mini-reviews first, and then listen to the playlist below. Enjoy!

TEGA – Scars 

Funky, with all of the right grooves, is ‘Scars’ by TEGA. Are you tired of all of the scars that people can’t see, but are engraved all over your soul? TEGA’s refined, yet husky, vocals provide an uplifting energy to the track. Letting you give it all to the universe. 

Misha – Feel 

Relaxing and powerful, ‘Feel’ is an instrumental that allows you to clear your mind, and just feel. Misha has created an ethereal sound that transports listeners to space, and back. It doesn’t need lyrics, because as you listen, you’ll be inspired to think of your own. 

Amber Mark – Love Is Stronger Than Pride

‘Love Is Stronger Than Pride’ is a sweet, and soulful, track. Amber Mark has a distinctive voice, and sings a tale of not being able to hate someone that you once loved. You don’t need to relate to be able to appreciate it. Because it’s just beautiful. 

Nosidam – Mistaken Love 

Have you ever loved the wrong person, or felt like you have? Nosidam delivers ‘Mistaken Love’ which lets you know that it’s okay if you’ve loved the wrong person, and that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. With airy vocals on a funky-jazz beat, you’re able to feel dust-free, ready to try again. 

MRGR – Sunday’s Best w. Hugh Augustine

MRGR brings the Californian G-Funk swag to ‘Sunday’s Best’–whilst Los Angeles’ MC Hugh Augustine brings the refreshing lyrics about keeping it real with yourself. The collaboration is fitting, as the powerful beat, and honest words, mesh into one another, creating an effective tune. Music should be felt, and you can really feel the impact of ‘Sunday’s Best’. It’s revitalising. 

Love Mansuy – Mine 

Love Mansuy has a smooth soothing voice that makes listeners feel at ease. ‘Mine’ is a relaxing track that you can vibe too, whilst basking in the lyrics about belonging to something that loves you—like the universe.

M3CCA – Saccharine 

With an instrumental that touches your soul, and feels like a racing heartbeat, M3CCA delivers ‘Saccharine’—taken from the ‘Fruittape’ EP. Her voice has the perfect blend of croaky-husk, providing an extremely moving sound. This track is an experience of running away from your troubles, and into a solution. 

Sofie Lynn – Take A Drive 

Sofie Lynn has an amazing voice. It is so soft and airy, with great control when she reaches her high notes. ‘Take A Drive’ is a lovely track, that would be perfect to listen to whilst on a drive, but equally as effective when getting ready for work—or bed. 

Eliza – Alone & Unafraid 

Belonging to no one, and allowing the universe to take control, is the way forward—‘Alone & Unafraid’ explains that perfectly. Eliza has a soulful voice, that works perfectly over the transcending beat. It feels joyful and exhilarating. 

Raveena – If Only

Raveena lets it be known that it is too late to hold her—and it resonates. ‘If Only’ is a divine track, about sleeping better without negativity around, and moving forward into a better space. The beat is tranquil, pairing ever so nicely with her voice. 

Cleo Sol – Why Don’t You 

Cleo Sol ends this weeks playlist, with the smooth-jazz styled ‘Why Don’t You’. Of all the tracks, this one feels the most relatable, because it signifies moving forward from an old chapter—and starting fresh. Let go of all of your old baggage behind, and delve into this track. Remember that you’re stronger than you think. 

Listen to the playlist below, on Soundcloud, and don’t forget to subscribe to the artists that your ears, mind, and soul, fall in love with. This list is just a snippet of the sweetness that these artists have to offer. Until next week—love and light to all.


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