#LateNightsMorningSoul with Boogie (No.1)

#LateNightsMorningSoul is a weekly playlist of 11 tracks to help you chill-ax on a late night, or awaken your soul early in the morning. Tracks featured may be new releases, classic hits, or something magical in between. Most importantly, it’s all good music. Check out the mini-reviews first, and then listen to the playlist below. Enjoy!

Zilo – Don’t Waste My Time

Zilo uses her distinctive tone, and effortlessly intense delivery, to let you know that her time is not to be wasted. We all deserve to be appreciated, and our time being wasted is a disrespect to us. As the artist serenades us with the tracks meaningful message, over the airy, yet thudding, soulful beat, ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ becomes an anthem. One step closer to an affirmation. I will not allow anyone to waste my time.

Chef Baer – Summertime (feat. TeaMarrr)

Summer season is vastly approaching, and TeaMarrr delivers some home truths over Chef Baer’s groovy ‘Summertime’ beat. “He gives you nothing but the dick, and he’s never kissed your lips”, says TeaMarrr, in the midst of this wake up call. Chef Baer creates a versatile sound. It feels like jazz. It feels like Summer. It feels like funk. It feels like RnB. It is powerful—and completed with a beautiful voice.

Ruby Francis – Heart Rate

Transcending and smooth—two words to describe the beat that underlines Ruby Francis’ sweet, and soulful, voice. Close your eyes, and get lost in the pulsing sound that contrasts the singing so well. Have you ever wished that someone could see you in your right state, because usually they speed up your ‘Heart Rate’? If the answer is yes—this is your song. It feels like love, and the excitement of losing your mind in the moment, which isn’t always a bad thing.

TeaMarrr – Bent Hella

Featuring on the playlist for the second time, TeaMarrr sends us on a trip of relaxation. ‘Bent Hella’ expresses the feeling of wanting to get away, whether you plan to smoke yourself into a dreamy-daze, or walk barefoot through nature until you’re entirely grounded. She has a voice that feels personal, words that mirror your own thoughts, and is riding a beat that makes you nod. Come take a flight—and land it on the moon.

Topaz Jones – For The Better

Is there a decision that you have to make ‘For The Better’, that may let someone down? That’s a tough call to make, but Topaz Jones will make you feel better about it. The sound is blended—with calming yet impactful thrills. We all need uplifting, because there’s no such thing as being too high—spiritually. Topaz Jones brings that much required ethereal energy, and compacts it into  one track!

Billy Dukes – Chill (feat. Kallitechnis)

This is gospel. Well, ‘Chill’ wouldn’t necessarily fall into the genre of gospel music, but then again, who decides genres? Billy Dukes use their storytelling abilities to paint a picture, of their thoughts, in our minds—can you see it? Their lyrics feel like testimonies, with Kallitechnis’ high-pitched, yet mellow, voice adding the choir vibe. You don’t need any religion, or mention of holy books , to let a song take you to church!

Cool Company – Shadow (feat. Innanet James)

Cool Company is such a fitting name for a duo that is most definitely cool, and creates music that provides the best company. Are we all tired of people that only appreciate us once we leave them, yet? ‘Shadow’ is for those of us that are—and we’re not fooled. The vibe gets more intense, as the song progresses, matching the emotions that we go through when we’re no longer blind to recurring behaviours, that we shouldn’t be putting up with—shown to us by others. Turn your speakers up!

Grace Weber – Space Jam

What does a clear mind feel like? It may not be able to be put into words, but that’s okay, because the beat of ‘Space Jam’ provides the answer. Not only is the background noise transcendent, but the soulful melodies, created by Grace Weber’s singing talent, are breathtaking. This song feels like your soul mate, whether you’ve found them in physical form yet, or not—and it’s just what we need in a world so busy.

Pip Millett – Make Me Cry

Fuck you, and your lies, and your last goodbyes”, says Pip Millett, as she opens up her freeing debut track. Her voice is deep, not deep in terms of tone, but deep as in, it sounds like she sings from the lowest depths of her being, and projects that sound ever so beautifully. We all face times where we feel mentally trapped, but that’s our mind misleading us. We should be happy on our own—and ‘Make Me Cry’ reminds us of that. Don’t worry, be happy.

Brandon* – These Quiet Nights (feat. Sipprell)

Brandon* (EyeLoveBrandon) and, singer, Sipprell collaborate to deliver a lullaby—that embodies peace. What do you dream about when you’re all alone? Minus the negative thoughts, and you’re left with the positive ones. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if those positive dreams came true? ‘Those Quiet Nights’ feels like a dream, a magical one, that makes you feel more alive than being awake. Click your fingers along to the instruments, and let the words melt into your soul. Peace be still—doesn’t it feel lovely?

Raveena – Honey

Milk and ‘Honey’ is a phrase with many meanings, one of those being: prosperity and abundance. Raveena’s voice takes you away, in a way that is so soothing—and that is why this is the perfect track to end this week’s playlist. Whether you’re falling asleep, or need to take those last few deep breaths before stepping into your tiresome job/school, this track will prepare you. It is divine—and such is life. Your glass is never empty.

Stream the playlist below, on Soundcloud, and don’t forget to subscribe to the artists that your ears, mind, and soul, fall in love with. This list is just a snippet of the sweetness that these artists have to offer. Until next week—love and light to all.


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