Deathly Results Of A Love Rival – The Fatal Stabbing Of Brittneeh Williams

January 19, 2018, was the day that the life of a young lady named Brittneeh Williams, known as “Bdb” to her loved ones, was tragically taken in a fatal attack. 24-year-old Brittneeh was murdered at a petrol station in South Central, Los Angeles, in front of her 4-year-old daughter and 5-year-old stepchild.

Details are very limited at the moment, as the incident took place very recently and sadly, but not surprisingly, there isn’t much media coverage regarding the case. However, the story is currently being told through social media, by relatives and peers, and not only does it appear to be complicated but, also, it is extremely upsetting.

Brittneeh Williams
Pictured: Brittneeh Williams

As we know so far, Brittneeh Williams, 24, was in a relationship with a young man by the name of Kayuan Mitchell, 23. The couple are parents to a 4-year-old daughter, who shall not be named for legal reasons. Prior to his relationship with Brittneeh, Kayuan was intimately involved with another young lady, Jasmine Jenkins, also known as Jasz, and as a result of their relationship they parented a son, aged 5, who also shall not be named for legal reasons.

Although Kayuan was currently in a relationship with Brittneeh, on the night of her death he was with Jasmine and, according to sources close to the deceased, all three parents and both children were present at the time of the fatal attack. Sources claim that Jasmine, allegedly, stabbed Brittneeh in her head and her stomach whilst Kayuan held Brittneeh, which many have taken to assume that he aided in the murder. There have also been allegations that Kayuan punched Brittneeh before she was fatally stabbed, yet family of the deceased have debunked that claim. Both Kayuan and Jasmine fled the scene, however Kayuan handed himself in to the police department, whilst Jasmine’s location remains unknown.

As with any situation where information is limited, there are conflicting theories from different sources; and not all of those are able to be validated. One thing that remains consistent throughout all claims is that both mothers had a longstanding feud, prior to the date of Brittneeh’s death. This is where the phrase “baby mama drama” may come to mind, as unfortunately it is very common for women who have children with the same man to dislike one another. In this instance, the depths of dislike resulted in death, so, what could have been so serious that Jasmine, allegedly, felt that taking Brittneeh’s life would resolve her issue? Why would a woman murder the mother of her child’s sibling? Why would a man aid the mother of his child in murdering his partner, and other mother of his child?

Answering those questions with the less complicated part of the scenario first, sources close to the deceased have stated that Kayuan was not aiding Jasmine in Brittneeh’s murder. Kayuan, allegedly, was having an argument with Jasmine, and Brittneeh was not involved in the fight. Sources say that as the argument progressed, Kayuan ended up holding Brittneeh back from Jasmine, when Jasmine decided to rush at her with a knife and stab her multiple times.

There is no confirmation as to why he was holding her back, however theories lead more to the conclusion that Brittneeh was, possibly, going to say something to Jasmine and Kayuan stopped her from getting involved. If this is the case, then Kayuan was trying to ensure that his girlfriend did not get involved in something that could potentially be volatile, however in doing so and restricting Brittneeh’s access to get away, Jasmine saw that as the perfect chance to attack the victim; as she was not in a position to defend herself. That would eliminate Kayuan from being physically involved in the murder, contrary to popular belief. However, Jasmine still, allegedly, murdered Brittneeh in cold blood, and what could possibly be her reason for committing such a heinous crime?

Pictured: Brittneeh Williams

This is where things get complicated, and where sources start to contradict one another, as sources close to the deceased claim that Jasmine had apparently been jealous and envious of Brittneeh for years, due to the fact that her child’s father had moved on and was happy in another relationship. As nonsensical as it sounds for someone to be that jealous of someone else, to the point that it results in murder, it is very common. People that are jealous of others have a mental instability and lashing out with acts of violence is often the result, when someone doesn’t seek help, or medical assistance, for their mental health.

Unfortunately, Brittneeh isn’t the first victim to lose her life at the hands of her partners ex, these types of murders are often referred to as ‘love rival murders’, and usually stem from jealousy and mental instability. In July 2016, Telegraph reported the love rival murder of Sadie Hartley, a woman who was murdered by her partner’s former partner “with demonic savagery”, in Lancashire. In August, 2017, Daily Mail reported the love rival murder of Cari Farver, in Nebraska, and then posing as her for many years. The docuseries ‘For My Man’ that airs on TV One also reports many similar stories.

The fact that love rival killings do occur quite frequently, shows that the possibility that Jasmine, allegedly, murdered Brittneeh due to jealousy is a very realistic possibility. However, some sources have disputed that with claims that it was in fact Jasmine who had been a victim for the past five years, and that Brittneeh had bullied her for the duration of that time. These source claim that Brittneeh went to Jasmine’s house and threateningly chased her, ending up at the petrol station, where the roles reversed and Jasmine became the attacker. Those sources have also mentioned that Jasmine recently lost her mother, and was grieving at the time of the incident. If those sources are to be believed, or at least taken into consideration, then possible claims of diminished responsibility and self-defence could arise.

Pictured: Brittneeh Williams and her 4-year-old daughter and 5 year-old stepson

If the claim is that Jasmine was in fact a victim of bullying then more questions would arise, that could possibly dispute that claim. Why did Jasmine allow Brittneeh to care for her son if she feared her? As pictures on social media show that Brittneeh was very present in the life of the little boy, and sources close to the deceased have stated that Brittneeh was a great and loving stepmother.

It could be argued that Brittneeh did bully Jasmine, due a source close to the deceased commenting on social media: “Whyyyyyy Jasz forreal this makes me sick to my stomach cause it didn’t have to go down like this just get beat up like every other time and take it as a lost”. This comment could possibly insinuate that Jasmine had been beat up previously by Brittneeh, yet without further proof that comment would probably not suffice as evidence in court. Even if Brittneeh had won a physical altercation against Jasmine previously, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Brittneeh was a bully, because it is not stated who initiated the alleged previous altercations.

Pictured: Jasmine Jenkins (alleged suspect)

The likelihood that Brittneeh went to Jasmine’s house prior to the altercation isn’t that slim, as a source close to Brittneeh’s family informed ‪‬: “I don’t know why Kayuan was with Jasz but him and Jasz weren’t together like relationship wise. He was with her the night Brittneeh was murdered though.” Brittneeh, apparently, was collecting her daughter from her father’s care, and seeing as he was with Jasmine that night, it is possible that Brittneeh did go and collect her child from Jasmine’s house – if that is where the child’s father had taken her. Yet again, that doesn’t prove that Brittneeh was a bully to Jasmine, it merely could be used to confirm that Brittneeh collected her child from her father – which is something that sources close to the deceased have confirmed. It does not imply in any sufficient way that Brittneeh was going to look for trouble, or to threaten Jasmine.

Finally, and most importantly, if Jasmine was chased from her house by Brittneeh, why did she have a sharp weapon with her? The murder took place at the petrol station, which means that Jasmine would have had to have had a weapon with her, in order to stab Brittneeh. There is no reason for Jasmine to have been outside of her house, where sources have claimed she was when Brittneeh allegedly chased her, with a weapon unless she was planning an attack. In self-defence, people may use the nearest weapon that they find to warn off their attacker, but how likely is it to find a knife on the floor at a petrol station? Not very.

Therefore, Jasmine must have been armed prior to the altercation, which would make the attack premeditated – unless she could conjure up another reason as to why she needed a knife with her at the time of the incident.

With horrific cases like this, there will always be conflicting stories and only those present at the scene, and time, of the crime know the truth. Sadly, in this case, the witnesses include two innocent children. Unfortunately, for those that are trying to excuse the behaviour of the alleged attacker, with both stories given, there is no excuse for what Jasmine allegedly did to Brittneeh. Lives are not to be taken by others, period.

We’re living in a time currently where people excuse serious incidents for any reason possible because nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions. The fact that Jasmine thought that it was acceptable for her to go on the run when she was wanted for the murder of someone, that she allegedly did murder is diabolical. Taking a weapon, in the way that she is claimed to have done, and harming someone shows planning. Planning to take someone’s life is not an excusable circumstance, it is a criminal offence – not to mention a cruel and evil act. It is too late for someone to scream victim after the fact that they planned, and succeeded to, harm another.

Overall, the murder of Brittneeh was the biggest sin because someone decided to take God’s work into their own hands – and take a life. There are consequences for sins, whether here on earth or on the hereafter, and if you know that you are guilty of committing such a heinous act then you should have the chutzpah to own up and face the music. You don’t get to run. You don’t get to live free of the consequences. You don’t get to take the life of a mother away from her child without being punished in a way that takes you away from your child – incarceration. Then, your child will suffer, as you made another child suffer, as your child will essentially bare the burden of your sin – by being put into the heartbreaking scenario where the relationship between them and their sibling is forever tarnished, because his mother killed hers.

Turn yourself in.

Pictured: Brittneeh Williams and 4-year-old daughter

Love, light and prayer is being directed to the family of the victim, especially her 4-year-old daughter. There is never true justice in such a chilling and distressful situation but we are hopeful that the victims family receive the closest thing to it, and peace.

If you are able to make a donation to the family of Brittneeh Williams, to help cover funeral arrangement costs and take care of her 4-year-old daughter then please click here.

Thank you for reading. RIP Brittneeh.

Love and light, Liss x

11 Replies to “Deathly Results Of A Love Rival – The Fatal Stabbing Of Brittneeh Williams”

  1. Really touching story of the young lady Brittneeh Williams also young black women feuding over a young man that’s not worth them both being away from their children and he calls himself a father a father is suppose to protect surround his children not surround them with negative surroundings my prayers go out to the murdered mother family and both children because also the connection the children had with one another is destroyed because of this fatal incident between the mothers

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  2. Very sad i pray that all these killings stop in the name of Jesus and that gurl turns herself into Authorities for what she did she can run but not hide.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This is a very sad story. I fully agree with Evangelist V, but it is the out-of-control violence that is one problem that steals a Child’s innocence quickly.
    However, we aren’t just seeing strangers violent toward each other, we are seeing school mates, neighbors, and so many family members killing or severely hurting one another.
    There is just so little love in this world, LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, it is very sad! It goes to show that we have to be extra careful, even around our loved ones sometimes, because anything can happen. Best thing we can do is lead by example, like you said: Love thy neighbour as thyself. Thank you for reading!
      Love and light, Liss

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  4. Let this play out in court. Sometimes when people look for trouble they find it. We can thank Britneehs friend for sending the screenshot to her showing gift that Kayuan bought for Jasmine which sent Britneeh into a rage. There are people who witnessed the altercation where Jasmine lived. They told Britneeh to leave.. they told her to leave that girl alone. She wanted to fight Jasmine yet again because she has done it several times. When Britneeh left to waited for Jasmine Jayuan and their son to leave and followed them. It’s not unheard of to have some form of protection when there is a threat of violence against you. These are accounts from people that live in the building. I was not there. Britneehs first mistake was allowing herself to lose control over a picture, pretending to visit a friend when in fact she wanted to violate a restraining order against her from Jasmine, and lastly, following Jasmine. Britneeh has a history of violent behavior as she had been arrested with several other women including her sister when they were in High school for assaulting three girl in Long Beach.. they were arrested! Placed on probation and expelled from school and transferred to a LAUSD school. So although Britneehs record was sealed there still remained that character flaw of bullying. I personally knew a young lady who went to someone’s home with the intent to fight.. went to this lady’s front door threatening and got into a fist fight and was fatally stabbed. The end result.. The woman got off…. I feel sorry for all involved because both ladies were beautiful and had a future. They had beautiful children that I’m sure loved them unconditionally unlike the man they took turns hurling insults and traded blows over. All I can say is ladies, know your worth.

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    1. Wow. I’ve seen some information around that is similar to what you’ve said, but not as in depth. It’s a very sad story, and I hope that all of the truth comes to light in court, and that fair justice is served. Nobody deserves to be bullied, and threatened, and it should never have had to come to this. It’s honestly so heartbreaking! You’re right, they both had beautiful children, and neither of them deserved this. I just hope that other women can learn from this, and like you said, know their worth. Thank you for reading, and commenting, and sharing some more information! Love and light x


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