YouTube Therapy (Part 2) – Day 9 of 2018

This article is a follow-up to an old article of mine where I shared some of my favourite videos to watch on YouTube. I still love, and watch, all of the ones that I mentioned in the last post, so if you haven’t read that one then, you can, take a look at that article here

Being quiet is my favourite thing to do, the sound of my own voice gets boring and sometimes I need to just relax and let others do the work for me. That’s why I like to watch things that resonate me, or mirror the mood that I’m in at that time. It feels like someone is saying everything that I’m thinking, therefore taking the burden of speaking, or making actions, when I’d rather not.

Here are a few of the videos, that I watch on YouTube when I just want to chill out – but not indulge in rubbish (reality tv, for example, which I do watch also but can admit it’s not stimulating at all).

The Great Dumbing Down of Humanity and the Depopulation Agenda

Do you feel dumb sometimes? You probably are a bit, and that’s no fault of your own. There is an agenda to dumb down humanity, and it’s working. However, you don’t have to stay dumbed down – you can level up. Something great about this documentary is that it will point out some things that may give you brainwave moments, like “Oh yeah, that makes sense!”

Once it starts to make sense to you, you will be able to see what it is that you need to work on – in order to unlearn the rubbish that your mind has been embedded with. Don’t sleep on yourself, stay woke. This is one of my favourite videos.

Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMO

Are you mindful of what you’re putting into your body? Do you diet only to look nice on holiday, but eat fast food everyday because you can’t be bothered to cook? Get bothered! You can’t afford to neglect your health and put any, and everything, into your body. So, if you need some motivation to get a better diet, and start caring more about what you consume, then this video is for you.

Prodigy speaks on being woke, Tupac and conscious rap 

First of all, RIP Prodigy. If you’re a hip-hop head then you will know who he was. His music has always been a love of mine, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I watched videos of him just speaking. What I love about this video is that he was riding solo in his car whilst he recording this, so it feels like one of those great moments when you’re in the car with someone having a deep conversation – if you know what I mean?

He was a very intelligent man, and knew a lot of important things that should be shared – so here I am sharing. The title speaks for itself, and it’s quite broad, but basically he’s just speaking a bit of real rap. If you like this, watch more of his speeches/interviews – they’re all good.

2005 VH1 VIDEO VIXEN DOCUMENTARY: ‘Hip-Hop Videos…Sexploitation On The Set!’

So many young girls want to be a video girl because it looks good from the outside, huh? This documentary shows the sexploitation of women in hip-hop over a decade ago, and as you can only imagine, with the growth of the music scene, it must be worse today.

This one is specifically for the girls who look at these video girls that get a lot of attention, look like they make a lot of money and stunt on others on the internet – it’s not all glitter and gold. Watch this to find out what it was really like back in the day, and then as you start to see the video girls that you once saw in every video – and you’d thought they were so successful – you’ll see that they didn’t really have it all. So, do you think that the girls of today have it all… Really? They don’t. Keep being you, we’ve got more than enough of them.

River Phoenix Spoke ALOT Of Truth 

River Phoenix was an actor, musician and an activist – and he was woke too. Although the 23 year-old passed away almost 25 years ago, the things that he spoke of are still very relevant because the truth never dies. He spoke the truth!

This video has more audio than visuals, so it’s something to listen to more than anything. Whilst your making a hot drink, or washing up, let this video just play in the background and take it in. It’s interesting.

Nipsey Hussle invest in cryptocurrency 

Nipsey Hussle is my favourite of this time. He’s a music artist and a business man, with incredible marketing skills. Watching his interviews, and documentaries, motivates and inspires me all the time – and I watch them often.

I don’t have a favourite interview of his, because dependent on my mood I like to watch different ones. However, I thought I’d share an insightful one that would teach some of you about crypto-currency. You probably all see “bitcoin” everywhere, and some of you may be thinking “What is it? Is it for me? Where do I start?” If you want to get a great understanding of crypto-currency in a smoothly brief video then this ones for you.


If you’re transgender, or believe in marrying trees, then this is not something that you would probably want to watch. That’s a disclaimer, so if you do watch it then you cannot blame me if you feel offended – I’ve made you aware. (I don’t force feed people information.) It talks about the new world agenda that plans to abolish all religions and promote sexual perversion – covering how the most powerful people are trying to break up the traditional idea that society has on gender/family by brainwashing the children.

A lot of references are biblical, and I’m not Christian/Catholic, but I can’t ignore what resonates. I agree with the overall message of this video that society is normalising things that are not to be normalised, which has a negative effect that leads people to feel conditioned into “fitting in” – by forcing/convincing themselves to believe that they’re something that they’re not. It’s not just about gender/sex, microchipping etc. is mentioned too. The way that the world is going, paedophilia will soon be normalised – and I’m not with that because paedophilia is an illness!

I plan on bringing children into the world, and I’m totally against my children being raised by the methods that society are trying to push, so I’m constantly trying to stay clued up on what the world promotes to our babies. If you feel the same way then you may like this. (Side note: I don’t agree with absolutely everything in the documentary, but for the most part I do.)

I hope that you all find something out of this list that you like. If you want more of these recommendation blogs, let me know. Thank you for reading.

Love and light, Liss x

Liss Morales

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