Maya Jama And Stormzy’s First And Only Interview Together – Vogue

Near the end of 2017, as many of you may recall, I wrote an “Inspired by” post about, 23 year old presenter, Maya Jama. Shining the light on people that I feel are motivational or inspirational is important for me, especially in this day and age, as there aren’t many positive influences left – in my opinion.

Those who know who she is will be aware that she is in a relationship with Grime MC Stormzy. The two have been together for some time now and, (although we’re still in a time where people are screaming “relationship goals” about relationships they know nothing about, and some people feed into the hype) they move in silence and their hard work speaks for itself. Everything about their relationship is kept private – in other words, they’re normal (not consumed by social media’s idea of “if you don’t show it, then it’s not real”).

Right, I’m rambling – because I’m a fan of them both as individuals but, the whole reason I’m mentioning them right now is because they have done their first, and only, interview together with Vogue – and it’s a great read!

They discuss their individual lives, growing up with absent fathers, work-life, and more – briefly touching on how they met one another. There’s nothing forced about the interview, it was a genuine read which is why I enjoyed it so much and wanted to share.

If you haven’t read it, and you’re looking for something to read on this cold Sunday, then here you go.

Click the quote below to read the article.

“I feel like there was a period when music was about the industry. People worried about whether a radio station would play them,” he says in his basso profundo voice, referring to a fear among artists of speaking out politically. “Now people are just walking their truth.”

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