Netflix And Chill (What To Watch) – Day 7 of 2018

(I’ve had a lot going on mentally so although I wrote all of these posts on the days I was meant too, I didn’t feel comfortable to post. So if the day in the title doesn’t correlate with the day that it is then please take no notice. I’ll still upload everything from the days I didn’t share.)

Sunday for me is family day, immediate family day. Family day, to me, does not necessarily mean that I actually do things with my family every Sunday but it means that I’m at least in the same house as my family, readily accessible to do things together if we wish or sending group text messages to one another from different rooms in the same house.

We’re in close enough proximity to one another to be able to recharge in a comfortable space full of love, whether we stay in separate rooms or go on a girls day out. I love Sundays.

I have work on Sunday, which I’m able to do from home, so whilst I’m doing that I like to watch TV in between (and in the background) – and I specifically mean Netflix or YouTube (etc.) casted to my television.

NB. I don’t watch standard television, mainly because I don’t want to be one of those people that feels limited, or is watching the clock, because Eastenders is on at 8 and they don’t want to miss it. I used to be that way when I was younger, rushing home to watch Hollyoaks, but I found it to be unhealthy – it’s only a show. So now, I prefer to choose exactly what I want to watch and to only watch it when I have spare time – instead of making time specifically for TV.

As I’ve watched plenty of things, I thought I’d share some, 12 to be specific, Netflix recommendations with you all. I watch a vast variety of things so hopefully there’s at least one thing here that you like.

NB. These are all things that are available on Netflix UK, so if you live elsewhere then they may not all be available, sorry. 

In no specific order, below is my list.

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox is a documentary that follows the case in which Amanda was “wrongfully” convicted of the murder of Meredith Kercher. Amanda leads the documentary herself, which makes it even more interesting, and the whole objective of the documentary is for viewers to decide whether they actually believe Amanda is guilty or not. Personally, I already thought that Amanda Knox was guilty and after watching the documentary I believe that she has gotten away with murder even more.


The Mist

The Mist is a series based on the novel by Stephen King. There is a mysterious mist that engulfs the town, locking the citizens into the local buildings that their near too. Multiple storylines are happening throughout the series, and it turns out that they’re all connected somehow – but how? There is a reason why the mist has come, and it’s not the first time something like this has happened in the town, and the aim of the story is unveil what it was that brought the mist back. It’s very shocking and twisted, but overall a good watch. It is quite weird in the first episode, but as the first episode ends you’ll be hooked. I finished the series in a day, that’s how gripping it is.


The Keepers

The Keepers is a documentary series that follows the unsolved murder of Cathy Cesnik. What I love the most about this series is the fact that the women leading the investigation are former students of Sister Cathy, who love her so much that they have vowed to find out who murdered her in 1969. When the information is shared, as the series progresses, it shows that there were multiple suspects that could have committed the crime but the police overlooked them all. I have my own opinion on who I think was responsible after watching, please let me know who you think it was if you watch it.



Supremacy is a film based on a true story of a white supremacist, and his counterpart, who hold a black family hostage within their own home. The film is so wild, and personally affected me because of the obvious (I’m black). After watching the film I took a breather like, “Thank God that it’s just a movie”, and then I remembered that it’s a true story and my heart started racing again. It’s a must watch.


The Death And Life Of Marsha P. Johnson

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson is a documentary that tells the story of the transgender legend. Her death was ruled a suicide but many people in the community believe that she was murdered. It’s a great documentary and taught me about Marsha, as I knew nothing of her before watching it. It inspired me to research more into her life, and all that she did whilst alive, and she truly was amazing. Also, after watching it I agree with the many people in her community that think that she was murdered. Let me know what you think.


The Sinner

Ok, stop. Before you watch any of my other recommendations, I’d advise you to watch this one first. The Sinner is so good and I cannot stop telling people about it. It’s about a woman who kills a man in public, (I’m not ruining the storyline, it’s in the trailer and the advertised film biography) but no one knows why she did it. As you watch the series, you find out different parts of the story and the ending is totally unexpected! With many dark twists and turns, The Sinner is definitely a great series – and I highly recommend it.


True Story

True Story is based on a true story, (I feel a bit funny saying that haha) and tells the story of a journalist and an accused murderer who steals the journalists identity. The two become acquaintances and the accused will only reveal what happened to his new journalist counterpart. Things get very spooky as movie progresses and the ending is shocking. Not only is the film great, but once you’ve finished watching it you should research the real story to find out what happens after too. It’s very interesting.


Strong Island

Strong Island is a documentary about the death of William Ford Jr. The documentary is led by Yonce Ford, the sister of the deceased, and includes family members and friends as they unveil the dark and heartbreaking story of what happened. As the traumatic events unfold, and the cruel negligence and white privilege shown by police is unveiled, the gut wrenching truths of the story will start to hurt your heart. However, although it is very touching, it is a must watch to open your eyes to the pain that people endure as the rest of us are living our lives nonchalantly.


What Happened To Monday

When I started watching What Happened To Monday, I thought of China. I’ve never researched into China deeply but I am aware of the fact that the government had control over how many children parents were allowed to have there – I’m not sure if population control is still a thing there. The film is set to be futuristic, in a time where people are only allowed to have one child at a time. One woman has 7 children, septuplets, and her father raises them all – whilst making them publicly act as one person. As they grow up things take a turn for the worst as one of the sisters goes missing. It’s a crazy ride throughout the whole film, and the ending is going to blow your mind. I made  everyone in work watch this film and they absolutely got hooked, so I’m confident that this is a good recommendation. I hope you all like it.


The Killing

I really wanted to include this because I’ve watched it four times, in its entirety. However, it has been a while and it’s quite an in-depth series so I can’t remember absolutely everything that happens. The Killing is a murder mystery following a detective with a lot of personal issues. She puts her work before her family, and gets far too engulfed in her cases – but it’s all because she is passionate about her job. The cases are insane, and the outcomes are even more so. It’s a series that you’ll watch quite quickly, although there are many episodes, because you have to know what will happen next. Some of the scenes are quite vivid, so if you don’t want to watch something so detailed about death then this may not be for you. If you love a murder mystery, then watch The Killing.


Black Mirror

If you haven’t heard of Black Mirror then you’ve probably been snoozing your alarm clock for the past few years – and not engaging with the world – because it’s everywhere! Black Mirror is a sci-fi series, and probably my favourite series on Netflix ever. Every episode is different, and not connected at all, so you can start on Season 4 Episode 2 and end on Season 2 Episode 1, without missing the plot or storyline. My favourite episodes are White Bear, Nosedive, Arkangel, Hang The DJ, Fifteen Million Merits, The Entire History Of You and Black Museum – so please give them a try. I can’t really explain them without giving away the storylines because the great thing about Black Mirror is that everyone will interpret the episodes differently. Give one of the episodes I’ve mentioned a try, (Whitebear!) and let me know what you think.


The OA

The OA is a mysterious series starring Brit Marling. The show is about a woman who has returned after going missing many years before. When she went missing, she was blind, and when she returns she can see. Her sight isn’t the only mind blowing thing that has changed, as she rounds up a few local children and tells them of what happened when she went missing. Just as you think that everything is starting to make sense, it doesn’t. It’s a great show that really plays tricks on the mind, so if you haven’t watched it then go ahead and get involved.


As I’ve mentioned, these are only some of the things I’ve watched on Netflix. However, if you like me sharing these lists of things that I recommend then please let me know and I will share more (not limited to Netflix).

Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations of things that I should watch, I’d love to watch what you’re interested in too.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love, Liss x

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