My Favourite Hotel – Hotel Once (Bangkok)

There are so many things that I haven’t told you all about, especially when it comes to travel. I keep telling myself that I’m going to update you all on travel and then I get side-tracked. However, I have been helping friends find holidays and hotels and I keep hearing, “you’re so good at this”, which reminded me to inform you all of where I’ve stayed, or been, etc.

With that being said, I wanted to introduce you all to my favourite hotel ever – well, to date anyway. Readers, please meet Hotel Once (Bangkok).

Hotel Once (Bangkok) is literally heaven on earth. Yes, I know I’m dramatic but this time I’m being dead serious. As soon as I saw the hotel online, I knew it was the place that I wanted to stay in, and that was prior to finding out it’s actual location and whether it was convenient for my trip, and luckily enough it ended up ticking all of my boxes and I booked my stay.

Hotel Once (Bangkok) is located a five-minute walk away from the famous Asiatique The Riverfront – which is a shopping mall with literally everything (food, tattoos, clothing etc.) The hotel is also located on a little side road that has a 7-Eleven store literally a 10-second walk from the front door of the hotel – so you can get all of your snacks. Bus stops, taxis and tuk-tuks are located all over the main road and can take you directly to all of the major sites in Bangkok. Also, depending on where you plan to go, there is a free shuttle-boat from the hotel that can take you to some of the other amazing locations too.

I stayed in the Executive Jacuzzi room, and I’m sorry but I cannot remember how much I paid but I’m 100% certain that it was less than £150 for three nights (and four days). I’m only certain because I remember saying to everyone “I cannot believe it was less than £150!” like the bargain-hunting lady I am.

I used – which is literally the only place I use for booking hotels because it’s the best! It allows you to specify exactly what you want, read all of the reviews and find the cheapest and nicest place. The site (and app) is laid out so simply that the process is quick and easy – so there is absolutely no hassle at all.

If you’re planning a holiday anytime soon, or a weekend away, and you need somewhere to stay then click here to get 10% off your booking. From me, to you!

The room was lovely. The décor was nice, bright and earthy. The ceiling was high, which filled the room with plenty of natural light when the fantastic remote-controlled blinds were raised, and the flooring was marble – making the room feel so stylish. There was a freestanding Jacuzzi bathtub, built into the floor – which you had to walk up a few steps to get to – in the open space of the room. As well as all of those features, there was also a flat-screen cable TV (with internet) and an en-suite bathroom.

The room had multiple facilities, ranging from the free minibar (stocked daily with soft drinks) to the wake up service (where the reception would call your in-room telephone at a specific time to wake you up on your request).

I literally loved the room so much and spent as much time as possible in there blasting music on the TV (I would play Solange’s ‘A Seat At The Table’ album whilst in the Jacuzzi or bed, then I would listen to a Biggie, Nas and Jay-Z mix whilst dancing around and getting ready). The robe and slippers provided made me feel fancy-shmancy so I found myself sitting on bed reading my books whilst wearing them. It was a lovely luxury experience, and I was all alone – which meant that nothing was able to irritate, or bother, me. Perfect!

The customer service at Hotel Once (Bangkok) was remarkable! As soon as I arrived there were staff at the door, one opened my door and led me to the building, another took my bags out of the taxi and then the third greeted me and checked me in. The staff took me up to the fourth floor so that I didn’t have to carry my bags and told me all of the things I needed to know about the hotel.

Something that I loved was the fact that your room card only works to go to specific floors, so I could access the rooftop, reception, time capsule lounge and my floor (fourth) but I couldn’t access the other floors with other rooms. This made me feel very safe when I realised that I was the only guest staying on the fourth floor. I was all by myself and no one could get onto the floor – apart from staff and myself. This meant party-party (aka blast music loud in my room because nobody would hear me!)

I had a choice of a few chilled hang-out areas in the hotel. There was the beautiful rooftop with magnificent views and a lush little restaurant where I ate lots of fries and drank lots of mocktails, whilst taking in the atmosphere. Then there was the ground floor outdoor lounge area with a fountain where I found myself chilling out in my PJs smoking Vogue’s – and writing in my diary. Finally, there was the gorgeous time-capsule lounge where I wrote a letter to my future self and popped it into a little capsule. I put the postcard in the 9 March capsule for my birthday, which came a bit later than it was meant to but to be honest that made it even better when I received it because I didn’t remember what I had written at all. It was such a beautiful little treat and it was ‘from me, to me’ which is something that I adore!

Hotel Once (Bangkok) is literally my favourite hotel that I’ve stayed in to date. It’s beautiful and peaceful in the midst of such a lively city, a pleasurable treasure in my opinion. I would highly recommend the hotel to any, and every, person who plans on visiting Bangkok in the future.

I’m sure I’ve missed out plenty of things because I didn’t want to get too carried away, which some may think I did anyway, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me (or leave a comment) and I will answer every single question.

Thank you for reading.

Lots of love, Liss x


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