Nudara. Exotic Oudh Diffuser And Scented Candle

Ladies and gentleman, I’ll start by saying “you’re welcome!” as what I’m about to introduce you to is something that you are bound to love – just as I do. Allow me to introduce you to Nudara!

Nudara is a luxury home decor brand of aroma’s that emulate scents of the world. It is a new brand, which launched on December 3rd, and it is about to take over it’s field with it’s yummy-smelling awesomeness.

I’m super-duper particular when it comes to home decor and fragrance, so put the two together and imagine just how hard it is for me to find exactly what it is I want. It’s very rare and usually ends up with me spending lots of coins in Selfridges or Harrods for what I need. That was until I was introduced to Nudara!

I was introduced to Nudara and told to have a look, which instantly left me amazed and ready to spend some money. The packaging is intricately detailed yet simplistic at the same time – meaning that the items will fit into pretty much any home perfectly. As well as looking lovely, the scents offered are absolutely lush and luxurious. Most importantly, because I know money matters, the items are affordable!

NB. The site is laid out so neatly and it is very straight-forward and easy to use.

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Nudara currently have two diffusers available on the site: Tobacco Rouge Reed Diffuser (200ml) and Exotic Oudh Reed Diffuser (200ml)They also currently have five scented candles (four scents with one scent available in two different sizes): Cassis Noir (9cl), Exotic Oudh (9cl), Tobacco Rouge (9cl and 30cl) and Canelle Blanc (9cl).

(The site also has gift-sets which includes a diffuser and a candle – beautifully packaged!)

As happy as I was when browsing the site, I didn’t want to get carried away so I decided to order one thing first – that way I could see what postage was like etc. On Wednesday, I ordered the Exotic Oudh Gift Set [Diffuser 200ml + Scented Candle 9cl] which is £45 (I used a discount code and got 20% off).

As soon as I made my order, I received an SMS with tracking information. This isn’t a service that you receive from every company, I usually only experience it when purchasing designer- branded items, so this was something notable that I found to be great customer service. I didn’t expect the items to get here before Christmas (Wednesday was the 20th), so when I received a parcel two days later, on Friday, I was confused.

To my surprise it was my Nudara gift-set and I fell in love straight away. Delivered in less than 48 hours over the Christmas period? That’s pretty amazing! The items were as beautiful as they appeared to be on the site but smelled even better than expected.

I love Oud in general, it makes me feel completely zen and it smells hygienic (if that makes sense). However, this Exotic Oudh scent is absolutely unreal. The top note is Rose Otto, the heart note is Amber and the base note is Oudh. It will turn the feel of your home into a place as relaxing as Bali but as rich as Dubai – you can’t go wrong!

Now that I’ve received my first purchase and I’m happy with the products and the customer service, I’m excited to buy everything else on the site. 

If you’re looking for beautiful home decor that also smells fabulous then Nudara is your new best-friend!

To be directed straight to the gift-set that I purchased then click hereTo shop the full site and browse through all of the products then click here

Let me know if you purchase anything, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Lots of love, Liss x

Liss Morales

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