MOXY London Stratford (Hotel)

Recently, I planned to visit London for the night for food and bowling with work friends. As our plans were in the evening, travelling back to Birmingham at such a time seemed like too much. I was coming down with the flu and knew that I just wouldn’t manage the journey without crumbling so I decided to book a hotel. This is where I came across MOXY London Shoreditch – which ended up exceeding all of my initial expectations.

My requirements were that the hotel I would stay in needed to be near Westfields and easily accessible from Euston station. Also, I always look for hotels with free cancellation and no pre-payment required – as plans can always change last minute and I don’t have money to waste. So, I went on and filtered my search to find the right place. Another thing that I made a factor was the price – however, I never filtered that, I just kept it in my mind. (If I’m staying out of town and know that I’ll literally only be using the hotel to sleep in and shower in then I’m not going to spend a lot of money on it.)

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I travel quite a bit, whether that’s from city to city, in England, or a trip outside of the country – so, I have a genius account on That enables me to see more discounts that some people, which is why I always suggest, when booking holidays or trips, always book travel and hotel separately for the best deals.

After going “meh… meh… hm nah” to a few of the hotels on the site, because they were either too unhygienic in appearance (or according to reviews) or too expensive for what they were offering, I stumbled across MOXY. The price, for a Queen Bedroom, had been knocked down from £119 to £65 and the bathroom and bedroom looked clean and neat – which is all I really ask for. I booked it and my night was planned.

When I arrived, I was stunned – so stunned that I even walked past the building thinking it was the wrong one and then had to turn back. It wasn’t a little side-alley hotel that looks boring outside and throughout but clean in the room, it was pretty from the front door.

Check-in was not only quick but pleasant. There was a lovely young girl, around my age, who was working there and spoke to me for a while as she checked me in. She was absolutely lovely, and funny, and even told me that she planned to turn up on the weekend – have fun girl! (Wish I’d taken her name or social media information – she could’ve been a friend.)

Anyway, after a warm welcome at reception, I went up to my room (515) and even the lift area and hallway were comforting. I hate when hallways are too bright with artificial lighting, it gives me migraines, but the lighting was dimmed and the decor was filled with deep colours (from dark pinks to dark greys). Just how I like it!

The room was spotlessly clean, as was the bathroom, and then I was happy with my choice of hotel. I got into the shower straight away, using the fruitiest pink smelling body-wash provided and then got ready and headed out. Westfields is a five minute was away, if that, which is perfectly convenient if that’s where you’re going – which I was.

When I got back later that night, it was near enough midnight, the lounge areas were filled with people but it wasn’t loud. People were calmly enjoying themselves, engrossed in conversations and games, and the energy was right.

I was too tired (at this point the flu had taken over my whole body so my body was super weak) to socialise so I went straight up to bed. However, at about 2 am I found myself damn near choking to death because of my flu germs and I had no drink left. Then I remembered that the girl at check-in told me the bar/lounge was open 24/7.

I quickly dragged myself downstairs and, as she said, it was open. There were so many drinks and snacks to choose from, I ended up getting Ginger Ale and Lemon Tonic Water as well as some peanuts (I don’t even like peanuts so that was weird) and Oreos (yes, they’re vegan!)

There were different girls on shift at this point and I even had laughs with one of them – about us both not liking peanuts but then I still ended up purchasing them and she must have been thinking “Is this girl strange?” Yet, again, the customer service was great – which is so rare these days!

The next morning, after a perfect sleep and shower, I went downstairs for breakfast (it was free – and available from 6am and 10am). As I can’t eat everything, I thought I’d find nothing, yet there were hot beans and bread (and a toaster) for toast – as well as unlimited amounts of juice. There were a lot of other things too but I don’t eat them so I can’t remember everything (cereals, eggs, hot drinks etc).

The atmosphere was chilled out and I sat on FaceTime to my mother whilst chilling comfortably eating my breakfast. Again, there were people there but it wasn’t loud. I love that.

After getting ready to leave, I took my room card downstairs and within one minute I was checked out. Everything was quick and easy, there was no waiting around or uncomfortable service – they were great!

My stay at MOXY was definitely a pleasant one and I would definitely stay there again. If you’re ever looking for a place to stay in Stratford or near Westfields then this is the place.

Thank you for reading.

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