I’m Coming Back… Liss 2.0.

I had a conversation last night that really opened my eyes. MySpace Liss is coming back (those of you who knew me way back may understand).

I used to be a bossy little superstar as a child, then as a teenager I was totally ready to takeover the burlesque world in my pink heels and skimpy outfits, then I turned into a reclusive modestly dressed homebody.

All of those things, and more, are me.

My issue was thinking that I had to be one thing at a time but that was hiding away some of my other attributes. I’m not a little idiot with no self-control and I don’t have to tread on eggshells so that I don’t look bad. If you think someone enjoying life looks like an idiot because it’s not 24/7 robotically prim and proper then you need to give your head a good ol’ wobble… off your neck and into the nearest bin.

I can be dead serious (aka miserable and focused) and help you conquer the world but right after that I could be crip-walking on the kitchen table with a table cloth on my head (like it’s a bandana) because it’s fun and then after that I could doll myself up and attend an elite dinner and dance (discussing politics and finance with the 50+ year olds who are amazed that I look about 12 but speak like I’ve lived for a thousand years) and then go home and stay in my bedroom for 20 days without saying a word to anyone (but dancing around and hurting myself because I’m a clutz).

I’ll always be low-key but I’ve realised that that doesn’t mean hiding from the world, it just means valuing the precious and special parts of your life and choosing carefully who to share those moments with.

I don’t want to be closed off anymore because I don’t want to be forgotten, and if I continued as I was then that’s what would’ve happened.

I’m not even being funny but I’m literally the best person that I’ve ever come across in my whole entire life, which is why I spend so much time alone, so instead of being selfish I’m going to share myself with the world (not in like a weird little slag way of course lol I’m still a little nun) but it’s time.

God gave me to the world to spread love, light and lessons (plus sarcasm and attitude) all over and that’s what I’m going to do. ✨💎

2 Replies to “I’m Coming Back… Liss 2.0.”

  1. ❤❤❤ This is so awesome.
    “I’m not even being funny but I’m literally the best person that I’ve ever come across in my whole entire life” I love this….you have to love yourself first in life. X

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