Jay-Z celebrates 48th birthday in an elevator with Beyoncé

Recently we shared Jay-Z’s interview with the New York Times – where he spoke about his infidelity. Although people are still talking about it, and questioning his marriage to Beyoncé, the couple appear to be unbothered and happy.

Monday 4 December was Jay-Z’s 48th birthday. The rapper and his wife seem to be showing the fans just how much they’ve moved past their dark times … by having a photo shoot in an NYC elevator.

The Carter’s attended Angelika Film Center & Cafe as they celebrated Jay’s 48th and invited photographers to come and take pictures of them – as they left in an elevator.

It was a great photo opportunity as, in 2014, Solange attacked Jay-Z in an elevator whilst Beyoncé stood there and didn’t interfere. With the recent news, it’s clear that there were deeper issues at that time but now the couple seem to be good.

Glad to see that they’re still going strong and we hope Jay-Z had a great birthday.

Watch the video of the couple enjoying their elevator photo shoot here.

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