Prince Harry is set to wed former Suits star Meghan Markle

Prince Henry of Wales KCVO, known by many of us as Prince Harry, is the younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales. Rachel Meghan Markle is an American actress, model, and humanitarian – well known for her role in the legal drama series Suits as Rachel Zane.

The pair have been together for a little over a year now and ever since they started dating they haven’t left the headlines. Not only do they come from two different backgrounds, one being royalty in England and the other an actress from the States but Meghan is also a woman of colour. Her mother is black and her father is white.

Speaking from personal opinion, I never imagined to see a woman of colour in the royal family in my lifetime. However, if there ever was to be one I always knew they’d be welcomed in by Harry. He’s not as strict as the rest of the royal family appear to be and is also the rebel of the bunch. Let’s be honest, it is deemed to be quite the rebellious action to marry a woman of colour when you’re white English royalty – according to most people anyway.

The last person in the royal family to date a person of colour, that I can recall, was Princess Diana – Harry’s mother. She dated Dodi Fayed, an Egyptian man, until the two tragically passed away together in a crash. I’ll refrain from citing all of the conspiracy theories but everyone who knows Diana’s story has their own opinion on her passing. However, it’s often been said that it wasn’t as accidental as it appeared and had a lot to do with the fact her partner was of colour. Whether it’s true or not isn’t the point here but the fact that a lot of people believe that brings me to my question, and main reason for posting this news – after of course to congratulate.

Will having a woman of colour in the royal family have an impact on the way in which people of colour in England are treated?

I’ve lived in England for my entire life, which is almost 24 years, and I’m still treated as less than in a room of white people. Not always is it intentional, however there isn’t a person of colour held at such high regard in England to make people think to care about how we’re treated. People shouldn’t blindly follow others yet they do; and in England a lot of people (especially those who are not of colour) follow and worship the royal family.

Opinions are flooding all over Twitter and a lot of people have already made comments, positive and negative. Proud racists have expressed their sheer disgust of having a woman of colour in the royal family (as if it’s their family) and on the other hand a lot of people of colour are happy that racist people are mad. It’s all quite a palaver if I’m honest and the most important thing is that two people have fallen in love and will be getting married – a goal for many of us. Yet I still annoyingly found myself reading the tweets and ending up with a question of my own.

I’m not sure whether it will have an impact but if it does I hope that it’s positive. I hope that if anything it allows people of colour to be seen and appreciated, as now one of us is “technically” royalty – although we’re all kings and queens regardless. Yet, although Meghan appears to be a lovely humanitarian, people will find any reason to dislike you if that’s their aim. If the racists aren’t happy will this not only negatively affect her but it will also backlash onto all of the people of colour in England. You may be thinking, “Oh Liss you’re thinking too much into it”, but when you’re a person of colour living in a predominantly racist country, thinking too much is a regular occurrence. I’ll remain positive though because sometimes the fact that people follow fashion comes in handy – and may this time be one of them.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Now back to the excitement!

I’m a huge Suits fanatic and loved Meghan Markle from the show – and I’m sad to know that she’s quit. She also shut down her blog The Tig – which I also loved and will miss. As for Harry, he’s the coolest royal prince out there. I’m happy for the couple. Congratulations Meghan and Harry!

Harry and Meghan sat down and discussed their engagement with the BBC. If you have not yet seen it, the video is above. Enjoy.

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