Who Said That We Want To Sit With You?

It’s 2017, aka the year of stunting. Humble personalities are very few and far between. If it’s not posted on your social media, others may think that you don’t have it. The amount of followers that people have dictates whether or not others will socialise with them and, annoyingly, the majority of “popular” folk’s captions include the quote: “You can’t sit with us”.

Now, I’m a huge fan of the film Mean Girls. I mean I even expressed so much excitement when it was showing in Bali, during my trip, and sat eagerly with all of the other volunteers in a cramped restaurant to watch it just last year – so I still love it! Mean girls was bitchy yet cool – and I’m sure that when it came out, I related because I was a bitchy 10 year old who acted like the popular girls in the flick. However, not only was I a child when it came out but I also know that I had a lot personal issues and by acting like a bitch I was trying to distract others from noticing that I was a mess. It was a nasty little attitude but I grew out of it, thankfully.

Having the experience of being a bitchy little 10 year old, and moving past it (a long time ago may I add), I’m able to identify those nasty behaviours a mile off – or through my device screen, as it is all over social media. The behaviour is contaminating my feeds, and brainwashing the younger generation and it’s so sad to witness.

Females are more likely to blatantly use the quote “you can’t sit with us” but males may as well say it, because they’re all displaying the same behaviour. There’s a stuck-up and snotty society that believe stunting on others consequently makes them better than others. I’m here to tell you that it certainly does not; it actually does the complete opposite. Your social media profiles may be flooded with designer garments, constant photographs of wild nights out and lavish fine-dining memories – and that’s great for you! It’s also aesthetically appealing to some of us, let’s not front, but that’s all it is. Material items are literally nothing more than material items, they hold no weight whatsoever and people shouldn’t feel that having these items places them above people that don’t.

First of all, who said that we want to sit with you?

What do you offer? What do you bring to the table? Who exactly are you speaking to when you’re stating that no one can sit with you? Why exactly can’t they sit with you, do you have a contagious illness that you don’t want to contaminate others with or are you just being a bitch, for no reason?

We all should love ourselves and put ourselves first before anyone else, I’m a strong advocate for self-love. However, I think people have misconstrued the meaning of self-love. Loving yourself isn’t proved by beating others down. Using materialism as a measure to be on the top of an imaginary hierarchy, above everyone else, is not cool either. Self-love is internal. It’s about loving the woman or man within you for all of your unique traits and abilities. When you die, God won’t give you a more extravagant, or higher, throne in heaven above everyone else because you dressed head to toe in Gucci and didn’t let people who couldn’t afford it sit with you. That would be preposterous. You can enjoy your nice, lavish, things without looking down on people. Even I own some luxury items and designer goods, but they don’t mean anything when it comes to who I am as a person; and it certainly does not determine who I associate with.

Remember to be more conscious of how you treat others, you don’t have to dim another’s light in order to shine. Your inner light will prevail if you’re pure inside. More importantly, where we’re sitting is perfectly fine – the section where people are being their unique selves, and not trying to fit in or “sit”, is absolutely on and popping, thank you!

For all of those who feel insecure, or less than, because of what they see on social media, stop looking for validation from people who don’t see you. The fact that people are attempting to make you feel like an outcast for just being yourself means that those are not the people you need in your life, or around you. You most definitely don’t need to be following them on social media either.

Some people in the world just have issues, mild or serious they’re still issues. They have insecurities within themselves and they use material objects to make themselves feel better. It’s whack but that’s life, no one is perfect all the time. Those people need to seek help before they allow false realities to consume them, yet whether they seek help or not has nothing to do with you. No one should be projecting their insecurities onto you, you don’t need them so don’t accept them. Return the rubbish right back to sender, and let them deal with their issues away from you.

A lot of people feel sorry for these people. They feel like they must bow down to them or act like their “fans” to uplift them because they’ve fallen for their “woe me” acts. Stop enabling the rubbish behaviours and wake up. These people would not help or support you if you needed them, they won’t even allow you to “sit with them”. Stop wasting your energy worrying about what the hell they’re doing or holding them in such high regard. Focus on yourself; you are what matters – not snotty strangers.

When you love yourself, you’ll inspire others to do the same. When you hate yourself and exude vibes of negativity with your flossy attitude, others will start to hate themselves too. What you put out into the universe is very important, as it transpires into something greater. Ensure that whatever you are putting out is pure, and with good intent. If you’re struggling, there is always someone available to help but you have to be open to receiving the help; and you have to ask sometimes – don’t feel entitled. You don’t have to fake it, and you certainly don’t have to put others down to feel better.

Spread positivity and you’ll receive it in abundance.

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