Crep Check – NEW Adidas Tubular Kicks

Get ready to start quoting Grime MC Stormzy’s famous line “Adidas creps, don’t ask where I got them” because the new Tubular kicks are almost here!

Being a part of the urban scene in the UK, and worldwide, is not just about which Grime artists you listen to or how many music videos you’ve watched. It’s a whole entire culture; from the way you talk, the way some people choose to walk even, to the way you dress.

A brand that holds a lot of weight in the urban culture is Adidas. If you’re a 90’s baby, or were lucky enough to be born before that, then you would’ve lived through the hip-hop era where Adidas was in every video; from artists such as Run DMC to Erykah Badu and Common in their legendary ‘Love Of My Life (An Ode To Hip Hop)’ where Erykah had the fly gold joints hanging around her neck. Times have changed since then but artists like Grime MC Stormzy are still rocking Adidas garments head to toe; making all of the millennials want to get involved too.

The Tubular was introduced in the 90’s and spiced things up by kicking conventional designs out of the way and introducing more futuristic, yet subtle, pieces. Consistent with their releases, Adidas are now releasing 4 new Tubular designs for men and women; ranging between £89.95 and £119.95 in price. The new designs are the Tubular Rise, Tubular Doom Sock Primeknit, Tubular Doom Sock and Tubular Dawn; and there are a range of colours (White, Grey, Pink, Black and Olive). They are stylish, flexible and lightweight, providing support with extra cushioning and knitted wraps; and straps.

If you want to look as fly as your favourite MC then the new Tubular shoes will be available today (13th September) at 11pm on the Adidas UK website.

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