From me, to you; for 2018.

People have started Christmas shopping already which means that the year will be coming to a close sooner than later. As I reflect on 2017 thus far and start to ensure my mindset is ready for 2018, I thought I would share 5 motivational quotes of my own that will help those of you who may need guidance. I hope that they help prepare you as much as they have helped me. Enjoy!

1. Protect your energy. If you have to start saying no to people that you’ve never said no to before then do it. We all need time to recharge in order to be our best selves and we should never feel guilty about having boundaries. You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself first and it is okay to be selfish at times if it protects your energy and restores your soul. You don’t have to be busy in order to turn down an invitation, you’re allowed to choose a Saturday in bed with books or Netflix over going out for drinks with a friend that expects you to be their agony aunt the whole afternoon.

2. Show gratitude at all times. Life is not a walk in the park and everyone faces obstacles. The secret to overcoming those obstacles, alongside hard work and dedication, is having a naturally grateful attitude. Every day that you wake up is a day to be grateful for. Start your days by listing the things that you are grateful for, even if it is only for the fact that you are alive. That in itself is a huge blessing and when you show gratitude, the universe ensures that everything else falls into place. Don’t just take my word for it, try it out and watch the manifestation of your souls desires.

3. Healing takes time. Do not rush your healing process. If you have been through something that has caused you pain then you need to take your time and let your heart, soul and mind heal naturally. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not okay instantly, no one is. Don’t listen to people that tell you that you need to just ‘get over’ whatever it is that’s bothered you. You will get over it, when the time is right. Until then please allow yourself to hurt/grieve without feeling guilty or trying to block out your emotions; because all that will do is block your blessings.

4. Listen and share. You will meet people daily who will teach you things, whether they are things about yourself or things about the world. Listen to those people and learn the lessons that they are teaching you. Education isn’t always free so if you can learn something without paying a fee or sitting an exam then open your ears and take it in. Once you have listened and learned, share. Share what you learn with others so that the cycle can continue. There is no point knowing all of the information that the world has to offer if you don’t share it with others. They may need the lesson more than you; and teaching them may be a part of your purpose.

5. Let go. Let go of everything and everyone that is stunting your growth. Those friends who only call you when they want something need to go. Those family members who still haven’t apologised for their contribution to your childhood trauma need to go. Those colleagues that distract you when you’re doing your work and then act oblivious when they see you still at your desk, trying to complete things that should’ve been completed hours ago, whilst everyone else is going home need to go. Let go of all of the pain you’ve felt, the stress over things that you cannot change and the self-doubt. Letting go isn’t the same as getting over something, letting go is simply giving it to God, and the universe, to take care of. You don’t need to carry that weight so put the load down.

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