Pizza Pizza Vegan Pizza. (Pizza Express)


I visited Pizza Express in Resorts World with my family and had an awful experience (accentuate the word awful)! However, the pizza was actually really good so I had to share; because good vegan pizza is rare.

I had the Vegan Giardiniera which is a pizza with artichoke, asparagus, red onion, black olives, tomato, vegan mozzarella, garlic oil and fresh parsley. I opted to add jalapeños; which I’d recommend because it brings out the flavour of every other topping even more!

The cost of the Vegan Giardiniera was £10.70 plus an extra £1.75 for the jalapeños. If you don’t want to pay the extra then I’d suggest you replace the black olives with the jalapeños instead; but that’s just my opinion.

The Vegan Giardiniera is the only vegan option on the menu however they can turn all of the vegetarian pizza’s on the menu vegan by taking off any non-vegan toppings and replacing the mozzarella with vegan mozzarella.

So all in all?

I would never go back to Pizza Express at Resorts World because the service was terrible but I would certainly visit another Pizza Express branch. It’s not easy to find good vegan pizza so when you do, you’ve got to cherish it.


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