YouTube Therapy

Now for those who don’t know, I’m all for self-therapy. I’ve been to counselling and it was great but I very much prefer to find things on my own that make me feel good or lift my spirits. With that being said, I’m also what a lot of people would call “weird”. I’m an old soul, I’m a total bruja, I have complete urban confidence and spirituality is the sea that my soul sails on. So, if you’ve read this and think “what a creep” then you probably won’t be interested in reading any further. However, if you’ve thought to yourself that my description of self sounds a bit familiar to yours or even identical then this is for you.

There are a few videos on YouTube that I watch as a therapeutic measure whenever I need a pick me up. In no specific order, here are my top 5 videos:

  • Boundaries by Kenya Raymer (aka HalfieTruths)


Kenya is literally my spirit animal. I tell all of my friends about her and I quote her Instagram captions, blog posts and words spoken in her videos like they’re bible. She is me when I grow up, hopefully. Kenya tells it exactly how it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Her heart is pure, the messages she puts out into the universe exude love and justice and if you think that you’re going to be racist, ignorant or just plain stupid anywhere on her social media then prepare to be put it your place or ignored because she just does not have time for that.

Her video on boundaries is perfect for people who find that they don’t know how to say “no” even though they really want to. She teaches you how to put yourself first and that your time is valuable; you owe nothing to anyone. The fact that she was able to summarise the topic in less than 10 minutes just shows how direct she is. You’ve got to love her, she’s amazing.

  • Tupac Shakur’s interview at 17 years old (1988)


You know when J Cole said that his only regret was too young for Lisa Bonet? Well I feel the exact same way about Tupac Shakur. That man was, and will forever be, a gem. Maybe in our next lives we’ll be best friends but until then all I have are videos, songs and poems. Now in all honesty, I watch more than just one Tupac video during my YouTube therapy but I felt that it was important for me to pick my favourite one or we would be here forever.

I don’t think I have to introduce Tupac to you because everyone, fan or foe, has probably heard of him; and if you haven’t then you probably don’t have internet access, which means you wouldn’t be reading this so please ignore my gibberish because I’m clearly talking to myself right now. Anyway, this video is full of intellect, raw realness and a sweet old soul stuck in the body of a 17 year old. I guarantee that when watching this video you’ll forget that he was only 17 at the time because his level of consciousness is just through the roof.

  • Lauryn Hill dropping truth to the youth back in 2000


If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll see that my name on there is @boogiebonet. The reason for that is because if I could blend two people together to describe the type of person I am then it would be L Boogie and Lisa Bonet. So now we’ve established that, then this video will not only push you to open your mind to a higher level of consciousness and a humble aura but it will also help you understand me a bit more too. The Lauryn Hill that is on stage speaking to the students is literally a part of me.

This interview was after she released The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and I think she was 25 years old at the time. Like the Tupac video, it’s amazing to see such young people with such old souls spreading gems to the world. She is one of the greats and she is such an inspiration.

  • DESTINY documentary (Princess Nokia)


This was the hardest choice for this list because I feel like Princess Nokia is literally my soul-sister; and all of her interviews/videos on YouTube are my favourites. What makes things so much better is the fact that she’s an old soul from my generation. She’s a 90s baby just like me and has the depth, the soul and the chutzpah that I have! It’s like all of the music our parents listened to, all of the struggles our parents went through, and basically everything around the urban and hip-hop culture that our parents experienced before we were born was embedded in our DNA and we’re the same kind of urban feminist tribe of person. She also has taino roots like me; we may as well be related!

There isn’t another person from my generation whose videos make it on to my YouTube Therapy playlists but Destiny Frasqueri (Princess Nokia) is special. She’s a phenomenal woman and a tomboy all in one. She’s from the hood but she’s a tasteful classy sex in the city type of woman too. Sisters or what?

Now although I’m not going to add all of her other videos on this blog post I will advise you to type in “Princess Nokia Interview” on the YouTube search engine and watch every single video on there; not just the DESTINY documentary.

  • Last Days of Left Eye documentary (Lisa Lopes)


Last but not least is the Lisa Lopes documentary. Now this documentary is near and dear to my heart and has been for a very long time. I was 13 when this documentary came out and that’s when I first watched it and it’s something I’ve watched numerous times over the years since then. I have been a fan of Lisa from a very young age and I still find myself having random outbursts with my sisters where I scream “What’s my name” and they say “Lisa” and I say “Where am I from?” and they say “9th street” and if you know the song then you can imagine exactly how the rest goes; basically I think I’m Lisa and my sisters are the children in her music video.

Lisa was such a dope soul. Her spirit was unmatched and she really did pass away far too soon. The documentary actually introduced me to Dr Sebi, God rest his soul as well as Lisa’s, at a time where I never knew that I would be going back to look at his works in my adulthood when I transitioned to a vegan diet.

Everything about this documentary is out of this world. Lisa was a childlike individual with a deep spirit and in my opinion she was a bruja too.

Now that I’ve shared my YouTube therapy list with you all I feel extremely relaxed and at peace. I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I do.

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