Chickpeas and Musei: When in Rome.

You’re in Rome and you don’t know exactly what you want to do today but you do know that 1. You’ve got to eat and 2. You want to see something amazing. Well here are two things to do to give you a nice, peaceful, yummy and productive day in Rome. This was a great day for me; it was actually International Women’s Day when I visited which made it 10 times better. Enjoy!

Flower Burger Roma – Via dei Gracchi, 87, 00192 Roma RM, Italy

Flower Burger Roma is a vegan restaurant in Rome with colourful and flavoursome burgers and sides. When I walked in I was greeted by a lovely host, he welcomed me and wished me a Happy International Women’s Day, gave me a discount for being a female (which is just fantastic) and waited patiently whilst I looked at the menu forever until choosing the first thing I had seen to order. The restaurant is small but big enough. There are mirrors all over to make the space appear bigger and lighter; as well as lovely motivational quotes all over the walls. Food is served quickly, fresh and hot and the experience is one worth reliving.

I ordered the Spicy Cecio which is a yellow bun filled with a chickpea patty, tropea red onion tartare, tomato, salad, spinach and spicy sauce; it cost €7.50. I ordered a side of wedges too which cost an extra €3. I also ordered an Aranciata Lurisia too, which is an orange drink, for €2.50. That is a total of €13 for a very delicious and filling meal which is a good price and worth it too; however I didn’t pay full price due to the discount I was given (unfortunately I can’t remember how much of a discount I got).

If I ever go back to Rome then I will definitely go back to Flower Burger.

Vatican Museums – Viale Vaticano, 00165 Roma RM, Italy

After I finished eating I decided to walk to the Vatican Museums; which was a lovely walk I must say. I was prepared to be waiting in a queue for a long time due to what I had been told but maybe I was just lucky because there was no queue and I was able to walk straight in, buy a ticket for € 16.00 and start exploring the museum.

Instantly I felt at peace. I’m a person who loves art so whenever I’m surrounded by art I feel relaxed. The museum, or should I say museums, is very large and the openness is perfect for the huge crowds that are walking around at a million different paces because it saves you from feeling claustrophobic. I spent hours looking at paintings and sculptures and reading the stories behind them, taking pictures and just taking in my surroundings. Once I felt I was done, I went out into the museum gardens where others were eating with family, walking around, playing in the fountain and making wishes. I found comfort on a little bench and got my notepad out to write a chapter of my upcoming book whilst eating snacks. It was a day to remember and a day that I was able to clear my mind completely in preparation for the next day; which was my 23rd birthday.

The last day of being 22 for me consisted of chickpeas and musei (museums in Italian) and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

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