Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple and Tegalalang Rice Terrace

NB. Pictures are collated at the bottom of the page.

I’m enjoying South East Asia so much that I haven’t kept up with blogging as much as I planned to. Although I’m currently in Thailand, I don’t want to blog about my Thai experiences until I’ve finished blogging my Bali experiences; so in no specific order I’m going to try and share some of those with you.

NB. As stated it is in no specific order and I didn’t partake in these activities on the same date.

#1 Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple

Tirta Empul is a Balinese Hindu water temple in Bali, Indonesia. Balinese Hindu’s visit the temples baths for ritual purification. The temple pond gives out fresh water regularly, and it is even drinkable. The water is believed to be holy. (Tirta Empul means Holy Spring in Balinese)

I was so excited to go to Tirta Empul because I felt that the purification I would received would be a blessing and once in a lifetime experience. I was right!

On the day that I went to the temple I woke up in a very bad mood and didn’t want to talk to anyone or do anything. I went to the temple anyway but my attitude towards it was nothing like the excitement I was overwhelmed with beforehand.

As soon as I, almost slipped and, got into the water I started to relax. I had fish swimming at my feet and the coldness of the water went away in seconds. I had a flower offering that I had made for the Gods and I placed it above one of the springs and then continued on to carry out the ritual. You are supposed to place, bow, your face under each spring three times and then put water on your head three times. I tend to panic when it comes to putting my head under water so I cupped the water and threw it on my face and head instead; which I was told is also allowed. I did this under 13 springs and then got out. Everything felt different. I felt so clean and my energy had turned so positive.
I was overwhelmed with happiness and it was so powerful that I was on the verge of crying; happy tears of course!

You might be thinking, yeah right… But really, YEAH RIGHT! It was an amazing experience and I honestly wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t experienced it.

The only downfall is that as you’re leaving the temple there are market stalls and the workers are very aggressive. I was pulled by my arm viciously into shops and had products forced into my hands to buy. If I was aware I would’ve ran through instead of strolled. Lesson learned!

10/10 (minus the markets lol)… Highly recommended!
#2 Tegalalang Rice Terrace

In Ubud, a lot of the Balinese people make their livings rice farming. There are a lot of rice fields and rice terraces in Ubud. One of the most beautiful rice terraces with the most amazing landscape view is Tegalalang rice terrace.

Tegalalang rice terrace is located in Tegalalang village; north Ubud.

I went to the Tegalalang rice terrace with Skylar after eating at Alchemy; and we got a taxi to take us to the rice terrace, wait for us and take us back to our accommodation for 200,000 rp!

When we got to the Tegalalang rice terrace we were overwhelmed with the beauty of it! Pictures do not do it justice, it’s something that you have to see in real life to really take it in.

It had just rained before we got there which didn’t work in our favour because it made it extremely slippery. The steps down the terrace are very steep and are only made of mud, not stone or concrete, so it’s easy to lose your balance and fall. We still climbed and slipped our way down as far as possible. It was a breathtaking experience jumping through the terrace.

There are bars and restaurants in the terraces also and I think they’re located in a perfect spot if you want a relaxed environment and delightful view.

I met some children along the way who helped me when I was falling and covered in mud trying to climb myself back to the top. They even washed my feet (by force lol) and my sandals because they felt sorry for me; how sweet!! They wanted me to buy some postcards from them and I did.

7/10 (it would be a 10 if there were safe steps)!


Thank you for reading!

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