A weekend on Gili T -#eatprayliss

Gili T, I love you.

After a week full of adventure and orientation in Ubud, Bali, the girls (amazing girls may I add) that I have met this week decided to go to one of the Gili islands for the weekend. We were told that out of the 3 islands Gili T had the best nightlife and, although I’m not the party kind of girl, it was Jenny’s 19th birthday on the Saturday so we thought it would be a great place to celebrate for her.

From our house it took 2 hours on the shuttle bus, we had an awful driver or else it would’ve taken only an hour, and then it took almost 2 hours on the speed boat, but again it was a very rocky drive and there was a storm so it took longer. On the way back the journey was half the time due to a better driver on the shuttle bus and better weather conditions in the boat.

Back to Gili T. When we arrived we didn’t have accommodation because we went on impulse and were advised that we could find better accommodation when we got there. As soon as we got off the boat there were a lot of people offering to show us bungalows and home stays that were available to rent for the weekend. We looked at a few and ended up staying in a bungalow called The Soundwaves. It’s very basic but it had beds, showers, AC and wifi and that’s all we really needed. Between the 5 of us it worked out to be £9 per night for us each. Bargain!!!

It was right on the strip where the beach, all of the restaurants, bars and clubs were which was perfect!!!

We spent the majority of the time laying out on the beach reading books and sipping on smoothies/juices; or cocktails for the girls.

There were limited vegan options at all of the places I ate at so I had fries most of the time but I’m not the biggest eater anyway so it worked well for me. Before we left I ate at an Austrian bar and it gave me Bali belly that I’m still suffering from now; 2 days later. Everywhere else was fine to eat from.

Being on the beach was amazing! It was full of people but the vibe was so relaxed. I feel like everyone was at peace just like myself. It was so comforting that I actually went into the ocean and for those who don’t know I’ve never been in the ocean properly before. I’m scared of drowning and don’t even go in swimming baths let alone the sea but I decided to try it out and a lovely guy took a group picture of me and the girls; which is our best picture so I’m happy that I got in.

For Jenny’s birthday we went bar hopping. We went to a place called Lava and it was full of divers and bar men who loved to dance. I got a free red bull too, even though I shouldn’t drink them, so I enjoyed that. Then we went to a place called Evolution that was packed and had a great energy. The music was decent and everyone played beer pong there; which made sense when I was given the wifi password which is beerpong7! We had a great time there and the girls made friends with guys from all over the world. I’m not as sociable so I danced alone for a long time, joined in on beer pong for 10 minutes and took pictures with the locals that asked for them. The last club we went to was called Rudy’s. It was MENTAL!!!! The place was packed with about 700 people, maybe more, and the DJ was great. I was extremely tired at this point so I kept to myself whilst the girls partied. I left early to head back to bed and took the birthday girl with me because she was so drunk and then dozed off.

I haven’t put this post in order of events or even in as much detail as I could’ve because I was having the best time ever and didn’t take that many notes but I thought that I would share briefly what my experience was like in Gili T.

I would recommend this place to any and everybody! It provided a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forgot.

I also want to take the time to show some recognition to the girls…

“Traveling solo does not always mean you’re alone. Most often, you meet marvelous people along the way and make connections that last a lifetime.” – Jacqueline Boone

When 5 stranger souls become a sisterhood. Thank you for checking the menus for vegan options before going in so that I can eat. Thank you for reminding me to stay calm when walking past all of the stray dogs. Thank you for not snoring when we share a room. Thank you for being impulsive and up for any sort of fun. Thank you for sharing life stories and listening to mine. Thank you for helping to bring me out of my comfort zone. Thank you for everything else because there’s so much more to mention.

I thought my journey would be amazing solo but it’s exceeded all expectations meeting these girls and forming a lifetime bond in such a short space of time. Sade, Bailey, Jenny and Skylar; thank you for making this a fabulous trip.

Wherever I am in the world, you girls will always be welcome and you’ll forever hold a place in my heart.

Here’s to friendship, experience, memories and Gili T!

I’m super grateful.

Thank you for reading and I’ve added a few pictures below.

Breakfast view on Gili T.
Relaxing on the beach at Gili T. All of the men called me Rasta or offered me weed because of the colours I was wearing. Typical! I have a Jamaican background though so I embraced it all as complements.
My little cousin always asks for sand whenever I go abroad and it was his birthday whilst I was on Gili T so I sent him this picture as his birthday present. I personally found it quite hilarious!
On the Blue Star swings after walking around the beach on Gili T. The beach near the swing was so hot so the girls and I literally ran to the swing for pictures whilst the others stood in the shade. We must’ve looked insane!
Playing drinking card games with the girls. I don’t drink alcohol but I participated with a Ginger Ale as a substitute. Two of the girls are from America so they taught us a lot of card games that we had never heard of. My favourite was called Fuck The Dealer. Later that night we taught them some English drinking games too.
Sade, Bailey, Jenny, Skylar and I in the ocean at Gili T. Love these girls!

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