First day in Ubud #eatprayliss

My Eat, Pray, Liss adventure has begun. Ubud, Bali… I have arrived.

After 20 hours of flights and car journeys I’ve finally arrived in Ubud, Bali. As I drove from Denpasar airport to my accommodation I couldn’t catch my breath at how cultured and beautiful it is here.

I arrived at midnight (Bali time) and after sleeping for a short while I woke up at 5am. I went outside for some fresh air, and to see if I could spot the birds and roosters that had woken me up, and this was my first view…imageAfter I had freshened up, me and my new roommates Sade and Hana went to have breakfast at the Green Lion canteen 10 minutes away. My first Balinese breakfast consisted of some sweet black rice, banana, Balinese cake and something else that I’m unsure of. I was informed that it was all vegan so I tried it all. It was interesting but I liked all of it apart from the Balinese cake; which I really couldn’t stomach. This is what the breakfast looked like…image

After that I went back to my room to get my backpack and things for the day as I was about to go on a walk through Ubud. Here are some pictures on the way back to my room…imageimageimageThe first place I went to was Ubud Palace. Here are some pictures…imageimageAfter the palace we went to the markets and I bought a sarong and some Balinese pants. I didn’t take any pictures at the market but I will be going back there again and will capture the moment.

Am the next place I went to was the Monkey Forest and as soon as I arrived a monkey jumped onto me. I thought I liked monkeys and was excited to see them but once it jumped on me I realised that I’m not as comfortable as I thought. It was terrifying but amazing at the same time… The forest I mean, not the jumping monkey. Here are some pictures at the forest…imageimageimageimageimageimageimageOnce we left the forest everyone caught cabs back to our accommodation instead of walking all the way back. It was a good idea as I almost fainted twice in the forest and could not have made it back to my room by walking at all.

When I got back I showered and then went to the shop to find some snacks before dinner time. The people in the shop couldn’t understand me although I had googled the words for what I was looking for so I ended up picking up the only thing I could spot that was vegan and looked like a snack. They were little banana biscuits and tasted amazing! I will definitely be going back for some more. They only cost 2000 rupiah which is less than 20 pence!imageI went to dinner and ate 2 plates of tofu and spaghetti as well as some ‘chips’. The chips were not actual chips (the English sort), they were fried batter, I think, and looked like samosas without the filling. I didn’t take a picture because I was so tired at this point.

After dinner, the girls and I (from my house), went to a Balinese Dance Show. It was definitely an experience but I wouldn’t do it again. The fact that I was tired didn’t help because I couldn’t concentrate on the story line as much as I would have liked to but if you do go please be prepared for the excessive chanting sound “jac jac” every 2 seconds. I liked the fact that I got to see a part of the Balinese culture though and it costs 80000 rupiah to see the show; for anyone interested.imageimageimageAnd that was my first day in Ubud, Bali! After that I went to bed… I needed it!


Thank you for reading!

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