Anyone for pizza? Zizzi Ristorante – Vegan

We all know those people, usually mothers, who collect coupons and discount vouchers for everything and spend hours on search engines trying to find discount codes before spending money. Well I’ll tell you a little secret, I am one of those people!

So when my mothers birthday was coming up and she mentioned that she wouldn’t mind going for a meal and then I received a discount code for Zizzi Ristorante in the space of an hour I couldn’t resist.

I used to enjoy going to eat at Zizzi before I turned vegan but I haven’t been since. However, I did read on a blog once (I can’t remember which one) that Zizzi does vegan pizza’s and this made the choice to visit much easier knowing that I didn’t have to only eat salad on my visit.

Before going I went on the website and checked out the menu and to my surprise there is a separate vegan menu and not just one vegan pizza. They have a couple of starters, a couple of pizzas, a pasta dish and some desserts.

I also downloaded my discount code from the website which knocked 20% off the final price. (NB. Different venues have different discount codes and Zizzi has discount codes quite regularly so it’s always good to check it out before a visit.)

I went to Zizzi in Birmingham at the Mailbox. The customer service was fine. I’ve been multiple times and had great service there. This time it was very busy so there wasn’t much interaction but the staff who did interact with us were very friendly and attentive.

I decided to have the Vegan Classic Margherita. It has tomato, basil and Mozzarisella on it. Mozzarisella is made with organic rice milk and is a substitution for cheese. The price is £7.95 on its own or £9.95 with 3 toppings. For my 3 toppings I chose field mushrooms, green chillies and caramelised balsamic onions.
(NB. Extra toppings are 80p each but I didn’t want more than 3.)

The pizza was absolutely delicious. The base was thin and crispy so it wasn’t overbearing and accompanied by the toppings it was amazing. My favourite topping was the caramelised balsamic onions, they tasted like a sweet relish and I couldn’t get enough. The only thing that slightly put me off was the Mozzarisella. I never used to like cheese before I turned vegan, I hated the smell, the taste and the way it made me feel afterwards. For that reason I’m instantly turned off by everything that reminds me of cheese so I did scrape some of the Mozzarisella off before eating however it didn’t smell like cheese or necessarily taste like it so all in all I enjoyed the meal. If you don’t have cheese-issues like myself then that won’t bother you at all. I’d highly recommend it!
(NB. There is also a gluten free version for the same price.)

Below is a picture of the pizza.


My sister also likes to try vegan meals and she decided to have the Vegan Spaghetti Pomodoro. It is spaghetti in tomato sauce with baby plum tomatoes and basil. It costs £7.95 on its own and 80p for each extra topping. However, she didn’t have any extra toppings.

My sister said that it was a very pleasant meal and the portion filled her up. The only thing she would change about the meal would be to add a vegan cheese on it. However, my sister loves cheese and puts it on pretty much everything so her cheese request is very specific to her taste.

Below is a picture of the spaghetti.


If you decide to try anything from this post then please let me know how your experience was. Also, if you try (or have tried) anything else from the vegan menu please let me know what you thought.

Thank you for reading!

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