Mourning good health

I came across a tumblr post (I don’t have tumblr) about a month ago that hit home for me . I shared on Instagram so thought I’d share on here too.

image(Not my picture)

However I’m grateful. Grateful because temporary memory loss is better than brain damage. Not being able to walk some days is better than having no legs. Constantly feeling pain is better than being paralysed. Throwing up daily isn’t fun but it lasts minutes and isn’t the end of the world. Losing hair may knock my confidence but it grows back prettier and curlier each time. Being unconscious isn’t fun either but I’ve regained consciousness each time, blessed to live more life.
Sometimes I visit the past and mourn the girl I used to be. I’m jealous of the little things like her flexibility, her energy, her diva attitude, her hair and her social life. But she’s gone now; acceptance. I’m a woman with strength and purpose. I’ve almost died yet pulled through. I’ve kept a job and stuck at my degree without giving up because I’m “sick” and it’s “hard”. I’ve gone from a walking corpse to an alive soul.

I will always miss who I was but I’m in love with who I’ve become. She’s amazing, she’s fierce and she’s a survivor. So to myself I’ll say, thank you for staying strong because it has gotten better. To others I’ll say, don’t ever take anything for granted; especially your health. ❤️


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