Guess who’s going to ASIA?

That’s right you’ve guessed it… ME! I am going to Asia.

At the end of September I will be trodding off on my lonesome to Indonesia and then Thailand; specifically Bali, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. I will be leaving England behind for a whole month and I am so excited!

I will be volunteering with kindergarten aged children in Bali for my first two weeks. Then for the final weeks, I will be volunteering at the Elephant Retirement Park in Chiang Mai followed by a stay at a monk retreat and then I will finish by being a tourist in Bangkok; and who knows, I might just get a Sak Yant!

I will be blogging the lead up to my trip, as well as the trip itself, as much as possible when the time comes so this is just an introduction, I guess, for what is to come.

In the meantime, I still have to update the travel section of my blog with information about my trips to Amsterdam, Turkey and Barcelona so please keep your eyes peeled for those posts.

Thank you for reading.

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