I’m allergic to my braids

“What on earth is happening to me?” is all I have been saying to myself for the past few days. My scalp has been itching, severely, and I have found small bumps and scabs in my scalp. Not only that but I have broken out in small spots on my face; mainly my forehead and the side of my face (where my hair falls). I have had box braids in now for 6 days and it is the first time for me. I have used synthetic hair on occasions in the past (over 10 years ago) but I can’t remember reacting like this.
The final straw was when I was having trouble sleeping because I kept waking up to scratch the life out of my head. I ended up on the internet at half 4 in the morning trying to figure out what was going on and, after questioning if I had psoriasis or lice, I found out that I am allergic to synthetic hair.
Now call me naïve if you want to but I never imagined it was possible to be allergic to synthetic hair; more fool me!
Synthetic hair has an alkaline coating on it to prevent the hair from moulding. Now it is a good thing as nobody wants to be walking around with mouldy hair but unfortunately the alkaline coating is what leads to allergic reactions. People who are affected have contact dermatitis which is a skin inflammation that can be caused by exposure to allergens; including alkaline materials.
My first instinct was to take the braids out of my head immediately but after some research I found that my hair can be saved by APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!
By diluting Apple Cider Vinegar with some water and spraying it throughout the braids, it removes some of the coating from the hair and stops the itching and bumps.
A lot of people with allergies to synthetic hair rinse the hair with Apple Cider Vinegar before putting the braids in however, as much as I love how I look with braids, I don’t think I will use synthetic hair again once I take these braids out.
Back to the drawing board for protective styles I go . . .

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